Best Music Player for Android – 4 Awesome Music Apps Compared

From Android 2.3 Froyo to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed at all then it is the stock music player application. Yes, it does a decent job in playing music and has got a couple of features but it is quite bland, both in terms of its features and user interface.

Thankfully, there are a lot of music player for Android in the store. Although most of them decently do their core job of playing music, only a few of them stand out for their features.

In this post, I am featuring four of the best music player for Android that are simply awesome. This post is a part of our series where we will be covering some great alternatives to your old stock applications and features like the lock-screen, video player and a lot more:

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1. PowerAmp

Poweramp - Best Music Player for Android

PowerAmp wins hands down over any other app and is the best music player for Android, primarily because of its amazing user interface and strong features.

User Interface: The user interface is simply stunning and is the best reason why you will fall in love with PowerAmp. The combination of black and bright blue colors are simply stunning and the player page changes its colors with the album art.

It also features a few gestures (with beautiful transitions) such swiping the album horizontally changes the currently playing track and swiping vertically change folders.

Other important features
  • Sleep Timer that automatically stops playing music after a defined time
  • Song info/tags editor
  • Fetches album art and lyrics automatically
  • Offers two different lock Screen widgets and various home screen widgets.
  • Includes a 10-band equalizer
  • Songs can be sent over Bluetooth within the app
  • scrobbling
  • Folders can be selected manually for media scanning
  • Customizable crossfade, gapless playback, replay gain, headset controls etc.

Lastly, a small but a very handy feature in PowerAmp is its ability to automatically progress to another album after finishing playing all the songs from a particular album. Other players simply stop playing music which can be sometimes annoying.

Play Store: PowerAmp (15 days trial) | Full Version ($5)

The price of PowerAmp is a little high, but trust me, it’s one of the best investments that I’ve made on Android apps!

2. DoubleTwist


DoubleTwist is probably the best music player for Android followed by Poweramp, for managing more than just Music. Apart from just playing music, it can also play videos, listen to podcasts and also online Radios. Moreover, it even supports AirSync and Airplay, which is like icing on the top for Apple device owners.

DoubleTwist also has an amazing user interface. Similar to PowerAmp, it also makes use of black and bright blue colors but with bigger and glossy icons.

Play Store: DoubleTwist (Free)

Other Key features:
  • Lock screen widget.
  • Supports AirSync, AirTwist and Airplay (Paid feature)
  • Managing Podcasts seem to be easy.
  • Can fetch Album arts (Paid feature)
  • Includes Equalizer (Paid feature)

3. Apollo (Android 4.0 only)


Apollo music player app for Android is built by the famous CyanogenMod team. Basically, it is a modified version of the Google Play Music app with loads of extra features and a white theme. Its user interface is completely ‘Holo’ based and the controls are pretty easy.

You can check out our detailed review of Apollo here. This music player currently only works in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but the developer plans to bring it to Gingerbread too in a couple of days.

Key Features
  • Apollo supports custom themes
  • Equalizer is also present with Bass booster and 3D effect
  • Three different home screen widgets
  • Automatically fetches album arts and artist images

Download: Apollo (Free)

4. musiXmatch


musiXmatch is another great music player app for Android. The reason for it being in this list is its simple, ‘Holo inspired’ user interface and its ability to quickly fetch lyrics from the internet, even for non-English songs, something that other music apps for Android fail to do.

Another great feature of musiXmatch is MusicID which can identify music from tunes playing from a speaker within a few seconds. It works pretty accurately and successfully identified all the songs which I tested, except when I tried to hum a tune myself. I’m a terrible singer.

Overall, musiXmatch is a very good, if not the best, music player and is ideal for normal music listeners.

Play Store: musiXmatch

  • No lock screen widget
  • Does not progress to the next album when one album is finished playing.

Conclusion: The Best Music Player for Android

I’ll break down this into points:

PowerAmp: Powerful music player, Amazing user interface, Highly customizable, high on features, Paid App (comes with a trial app too).

DoubleTwist: Can manage all of your media – songs, videos, podcasts and even online Radio, Great User Interface, Free.

Apollo: A simple, free and beautiful app that can play music, over.

musiXmatch: Decent music player, Can fetch lyrics and identify songs, just like Soundhound & Shazam.

My favorite is PowerAmp, what is yours?