HOW TO Enable USB Mass Storage Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3

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android mass usb storage modeSamsung Galaxy S III is undoubtedly the hottest selling smartphone right now. The third phone of the Galaxy series, Galaxy S III packs in a plethora of new features on top of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Unfortunately, this time, Samsung has decided to strip out support for USB Mass Storage mode in favor of MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) for some unknown reasons. The fact that MTP allows simultaneous use of data on the phone and PC could be a possible reason.

Steps to Enable USB Mass Storage Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 USB Mass Storage ModeMeet SGS3 Easy UMS app that enables USB Mass Storage mode in Samsung Galaxy S3. The app basically executes a command to make the external microSD card to be available as a UMS. This has been tested to work on Windows, but it may or may not work on other systems (Linux, Mac etc.).

This app requires your phone to be rooted. Please follow our guide on how to root samsung galaxy s3.

To enable USB Mass Storage on Samsung Galaxy S3, follow the given steps:

1. Download SGS3 Easy UMS app from the following link. It’s a tiny 8.8KB file:

Download: SGS3 Easy UMS

2. Transfer it to your phone using a data cable or Filepush app.

3. Launch the app and tap on the UMS mode button.

galaxy-s3-usb-mass-storage-modeYou will now be able to mount your external SD card as a removable disk on your PC. To revert back to MTP, simply tap on the MTP mode button in the app.

Credits for this creating this USB mass storage for Samsung Galaxy S3 app goes to an XDA Developers member, Kopfgeldjaeger.

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  1. Travis says

    @Kent… I downloaded it and tried for the internal card and it seems to be only for an external microsd… I really need to enable mass storage mode on the internal card so I can run a file recovery utility to restore deleted photos… It doesn’t look like this is possible.

    • David says

      Hi. I’ve rooted my SGS3, installed BusyBox and then easy UMS.
      It works fine for EXT}ERNAL sd. thanks. But same as the others, I need to mount internal storage and it doesn’t work with this app. Would you please do something for that?

        • David Refoua says

          Hi, thanks for the offer. But since some devices other than PC doesn’t support MTP and a much better reason, I hate MTP, there is no use in that.
          Now I realize that why SAMSUNG just stopped supporting UMS, for better speeding.
          Well, that’s not a problem in ubuntu and other linux-based OSes like chromeOS.
          But in windows, the file-transfer is awful. No multi-managements at all, and I don’t think that it has a better speed. It takes forever long to copy files using MTP, while in UMS, its just a matter of sec.
          And a big bunch of programs don’t support UMS in Windows.
          As i’m storing my pix on the internal sd, i’m so upset that i can’t display them on our TV. ;’-((
          Anyway Thanks for the attention.
          I’m now looking for the mtp drivers for win and maybe some mtp to usb mapping apps.
          Or moving my pix ti the extSd.
          I wish there weren’t any MTP invented yet!
          Thanx again

        • Chris Taylor says

          Please tell me that was a typo. MTP is faster? your joking right?

          MTP is the polar opposite of faster its EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW. everything and I mean EVERYTHING takes at least twice as long as with UMS. 9gb of files OVER ONE HOUR. pop that card into my S2 under 30 minutes. its INSANE how slow MTP is.

          can’t move some files AT ALL MTP simply won’t let me.

          CAN NOT multi access the disk in MTP mode. ONE single process at a time.

          all other processes are on hold saying “device busy” crap.

          AND its not possible to even LOOK at content on an MTP drive. it has to COPY the file to your PC first and THEN view it.

          you won’t notice this for smaller files since it happens automatically and fast

          now try that with a video and to watch your blood boil. MTP is crap. total 100% absolute crap.

          I moved to android to “GET AWAY” from slow nasty stinking slimy proprietary locked down CRAP like this. I am LIVID mad over this MTP crap.

          I WILL NOT buy another samsung device until they put UMS back in. its that simple. if this is ICS/JB ie not just samsung I won’t buy another ICS/JB device either. Gingerbread works just fine.

  2. Tim says

    Travis and Kent
    I also accidentally delete my photo in samsung s3. can u teach me how to retrieve the photo back from samsung s3 INTERNAL MEMORY? tried the UMS software but seems it fail to do it.

  3. Tim says

    Can anyone who know how to do it email me at chiaming87 [at] gmail [dot] com pls. Really need help. Desperately needed. When i want to enable UMS mode it says could not get root priviledge, external SD card is being access.

    • says

      You should try searching XDA for a similar app for enabling UMS on your S2, but please DO NOT use this app. It might even damage your phone. Check out AirDroid app — it’s a great app to manage your phone’s files,messages,photos and more from a PC.

  4. ricky says

    i’ve exactly the same damn problem. it never happened before with other phone i used.. with this dumbass s3, the internal sd couldn’t be retrieved no matter 100 ways i try following all suggestions in the android forum. i am so fed up…. i need to recover a gallery album which i accidentally deleted with just one click, and that album was stored automatically by whatsapp under the phone internal sd, which windows couldn’t recognize even after opening UMS mode.

  5. adam says

    i have also deleted 200 odd photos of my daughter and would pay £100 to get them back they was on the internal storage, can i get them back anyway at all?

  6. BingoRingo says

    Matt, it’s pretty clear in the app’s description that this is only for external storage. You can use a file manager app (like Astro File Manager or anything else that will recognize two SD cards) and move your files to your external SD card if you need to copy anything.

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