How to Save And Print Webpage as PDF on iPhone for free

Have you come across a situation where you desperately need to save a Webpage on your iPhone, but felt helpless as there is no easy way you know of, that lets you do it? It may be a reservation voucher or a receipt of any transaction. Save/Print as PDF is one feature which I would like Apple to have built-in in the coming updates. But I don’t see it coming any time soon, given the fact that their policy is to totally against it so much so that they declined few Apps which brought in this features.

There are so many apps that can help you save a webpage to a list to read it later, all of them are useless when it comes to saving secured pages/transaction receipts. While there are few apps which let you print as PDF, but sadly all of them are paid. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to save any webpage as a PDF for free of cost?

Here are two tricks to let you save any page as PDF on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.

Method One

This is a simple method where you need to just save a javascript as a Bookmark and then go to it when ever you need to save any page as PDF.

Make sure you have Javascript enabled in your Safari ‘Settings’

Save this code as a Bookmark

Now when ever you want to save any page as a PDF just open this Bookmark.

That’s it, you are done!

The Page will be converted to PDF in Safari; you can open it in iBooks or choose to open it in any other PDF reader, you wish.

Method Two

In case the above method fails, which can happen for pages requiring cookies or encrypted pages, we have another method for you.

We will be using a combination of Apps/Services to get this done. Though it may appear a long method, believe me it’s pretty easy when you get used to it and most importantly it comes in handy at desperate times.

Basic Setup

First of all you need to install a browser like Apollo on your iPhone which lets you save the webpage on your ever note account. (Since Safari doesn’t have this functionality)

Next you need to make sure you have an Evernote account. We will be using the web clipping feature of Evernote.

Install the Evernote App on your iPhone.

That’s the basic setup you need.

Save and Print any Webpage as PDF

Surf on your iPhone using the Apollo browser, as you would normally do. Now when ever you come across any webpage which you would like to save for offline reading, click on “More / Add to Bookmark” Icon.

Now you should be able to see the following options

Click on Add to Evernote.
A dialog box then appears, asking you to sign in to your Evernote account.
Enter the required details and the page will be saved.

It would be note worthy to note that even the encrypted/pages requiring specific cookies will be saved.

When you open the Evernote App on your iPhone, you should be able to see the saved page there.

Open the saved page and click on “More”, now you need to Email the document to any of your Gmail ID.


Open your Gmail Inbox (via your browser, not the default iOS Email App), go to the mail containing the document.

Now choose to Print the mail.

You should be able to see an option Save as PDF to Google Drive.
Viola! The file will be saved as a PDF file.

Hope it helps! With Chrome coming up on iOS, I do hope Print as PDF feature to be added anytime soon. Do let me know of any shorter method you might know of.