Solution: Samsung Galaxy S3 Cell Standby Battery Drain Problem

Samsung galaxy s3 cell standby batteryThe recently released Samsung Galaxy S III has been making a lot of waves for its superlative specifications and packed software features. As a previous owner of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S, it didn’t take me long to decide to buy the next Galaxy as well. But after using the phone for a while, I started observing that it has a weird bug — Cell Standby was consuming insanely high percentage (30-40%) of battery.

After surfing through some discussion boards, I learned about two things:

  • First: This issue exists in almost every single Galaxy S3 unit and,
  • Second: This bug is just a miscalculation of power usage by the phone.

In short: Cell Standby is not insanely consuming battery. Here is a simple tutorial to fix this miscalculation:

(For details about this issue, jump over to the end of this tutorial!)

Step 1. Your Galaxy S3 must be rooted and ClockWorkMod must be installed before we proceed. You can follow my simple tutorial for doing so:

Step 2. Download this file and store it in your phone’s internal storage.

Step 3. Power off your phone and start it in recovery mode. To do so, simultaneously press Volume up + Home (middle) button + Power button.

Button configuration for recovery mode:

  • Volume buttons: for scrolling up and down
  • Home button: for choosing an option
  • Back button: for going back to the previous menu.


Step 4. Scroll down and choose ‘Install zip from sdcard’. Next, scroll down and select ‘choose zip from internal sdcard’. Navigate to the location where you’ve stored the file from step 2 and install it.

And you’ve done it! You’ll no longer see Cell Standby as eating a high percentage of battery life.

Detailed explanation of this issue

The cause behind this bug is a simple mistake in calculation of power usage. Samsung has seemingly set the power drain value of Cell Standby as 34 mA instead of 3.4 mA. So the above fix simply changes this value back to a normal value. But then why go through such a tedious process of rooting and flashing? Because this power drain value is stored in a file located in the system folder, where you cannot reach without acquiring root permissions.