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Free Instagram Downloader Lets You Download Instagram Photos To Your PC

August 17th, 2012 by

The lack of a official native Instagram PC client has lead to third party developers releasing plenty of Instagram helper apps, like the New Tab Feeder extension for Chrome. Free Instagram Downloader is another such app which is simple yet elegant for quickly downloading Instagram photos to your PC.

instagram downloader free

Download: Instagram Downloader for PC [3.8 MB]


Highlights of Free Instagram Downloader

  • Fast batch download of Instagram images .
  • Export image URLs to a text file.
  • Totally Free, not a stripped down brother of a paid version.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.

Instagram Downloader runs on Windows 2000 and above

Downloading Instagram Images

Downloading Instagram images from Free Instagram Downloader is extremely simple. All you need to do is to input the Instagram user name of any users’ photos you want to download. Instagram Downloader will automatically fetch the list of photos uploaded by the user.

instagram downloader username

Depending on the number of photos uploaded, fetching the list of photos can take a while. After Instagram Downloader is done generating the list, you can either export the list of image URLs to a text file or you can just download individual or multiple photos from the list easily.

instagram downloader interface

Downloading a single image is just a click away, in Instagram Downloader (as seen in the screenshot). If you want to download multiple images, you need to tick them and then click Download all. Specify the folder to save the downloaded images and you are done.

I tried to download more than 470 images in my test and it just took around 8 minutes on a slow 512 kbps connection to download them all. Very snappy I must say. The program never crashed and was extremely stable throughout my usage.

Hidden Extras

You can also run Free Instagram Downloader in portable mode. To do this, you need to check the portable option in the Help tab. All the user data and settings will be then automatically moved to the install location of the application. You can then easily transfer the app folder to a USB drive, to run it from any PC

instagram downloader configuration

Overall the Free Instagram Downloader is a breeze to use with its simple UI and the lack of bloat. A must have for every avid Instagram user.

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