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Google Now Not Working or Google Now Cards Not Showing Up? Here’s How You Can Fix It

August 23rd, 2012 by

Google Now has been receiving a lot of admiration from tech enthusiasts for its immense knowledge of users’ habits and its excellent ability to get the right information at just the right time. It has been working extremely well for me since installing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (CyanogenMod 10) on my Galaxy S III and it has been showing ‘Now Cards’ on a regular basis. But several discussions have been coming up on various forums lately from users for whom Google Now is not working or Google Now cards are not showing up.

google now not working

Basically, there can be only two reasons what might be stopping from Google Now to work properly. If you’re on the same boat, here are the two solutions that should probably fix this problem of Google Now Cards not showing up for you:

Solution #1: Google Now Not Working? Enable Location History

Google Now works by learning your searching habits and location history. For it work properly, you need to grant it access to your search and location history. If you haven’t done so, go to Settings > Location services and enable Location & Google search.

google now not working - enable location and google search

Providing Google with access to every location you visit and every search you make might sound like a creepy idea, but Google is transparent in any data it stores about you. You can see all the data that it has recorded about you by visiting Google Dashboard, or more specifically your Location History Dashboard.

If Google Now not working for you, enabling this option should probably fix the problem.

Solution #2: Google Now Cards Aren’t Showing Up? Give it Some Time

Actually, this is no solution if Google Now cards are not showing up, but just a reminder that you need to have patience. Weather, Appointment, Translation and Currency cards work instantly, but Google needs to first learn about your travelling habits for showing location based Cards such as directions to your home when you’re returning from office, etc. It’ll take some time for it to be sure of your habits.

google now cards not showing up - location history dashboard

Here’s a quick tip to know whether Google is yet confident about your location habits or not: Open your Location History Dashboard and check whether there’s any message about lack of data of your location history. If it’s showing a message at your side then you’re out of luck for at-least now. Give it some time, travel more and Google Now cards should start showing up as advertised in videos and reviews in some time.

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  1. overLORD_zero

    There is another fix to this problem... Apparently, you have chosen not to opt-in during setup (for some reason, I can't remember doing that on my phone). To resolve, go to Settings>Apps>All (apps) and select "Google Search". Force Stop the app and Clear Data & Clear Cache. Then, re-run Google Search and you'll be greeted with the welcome/opt-in screen.

  2. Dave

    I at work card disappeared and will not come back..double checked settings, turned Google Now off and on, uninstalled updates for search and reinstalled, it was fixed for a 3 day period, but now it's gone again...frustrating!

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