HOW TO Delete History in Android In One Click

Android stores a history of every item you’ve searched for in several apps such as Play Store, Google Search, Call log, Browser and more. While it is useful in some cases where the user is provided with his recently searched items, it might be sometime dangerous when you don’t wish other people to find out what you’ve been searching on the internet or whom you’ve been talking to on phone. So, how to delete history in android?

In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate two options for doing so — Manual, without using any app and Automatic, using a simple app called History Cleaner. Read on.

Option 1. Steps to Delete History in Android


1. Call Log History

call-log - delete history android

Open the Dialler app and navigate to Call log page. Next, tap menu button and choose Clear call log.

I’m currently using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on my Samsung Galaxy S3 so the interface (screenshot) might look a little different on your phone, but I believe this option should be available on any phone.

2. Browser History

delete history in android web browser

Starting from Android 4.0 ICS, Google has introduced a new tab type in the browser — Incognito mode, which does not store any history of pages opened or searched for. To open an incognito tab, simply open tabs and select Incognito mode.

Anyway, to clear browser history in Android 4.0, open Browser > Settings > Privacy & security and Clear cache

For Android 2.3 Browser or older

To delete history in Android 2.3 Gingerbread or older browser, open Settings from menu > scroll down to Privacy Settings section > Clear history.

For those who use Google Chrome for mobile, there is no direct way to delete history in mobile. However, here’s a tutorial for opening history page in Chrome for Android, iPhone/iPad and deleting them.

3. Play Store Search History

In Play Store, open settings and choose Clear search history.

4. Google Search History

search-history delete history android

For Android 4.0 ICS or Newer Versions

The Google search home-screen widget stores all the items that you’ve searched for in its history. To clear its history log, open Google Search > press Menu button > Settings > Privacy and accounts > Manage web history.

For Gingerbread or Lower Versions

if you’re device runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread or lower, open Google search and press menu > Search settings > Clear on device history.

To disable recent searches history altogether, go to Privacy and accounts option in Settings and uncheck Show recent searches.

5. YouTube Search History


Deleting history of searches done in the YouTube app is easy. While the YouTube app is opened, press menu and choose Settings > Search > Clear search history.

Option 2. Deleting History in Android Using an App

history cleaner for deleting history android


Instead of going through all the apps to delete their history manually, you can also use History Eraser, a simple app which can be used to delete history in Android in one click without any fuss.

Simply select the items of which you would like to delete history, like Apps cache, Gmail, Browser, Clipboard, Call log, Frequently called, SMSes, etc., hit the Clean and you’re done.

Play Store: History Eraser