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Microsoft SkyDrive App for Android Released, Finally [App Review]

August 29th, 2012 by

Microsoft has been pushing a lot of updates and improvements to SkyDrive lately amid increasing competition, especially after the announcement of Google Drive. The last time I used SkyDrive, it was more or less a barebone service offering very less features as compared to its competitors (read: Dropbox).

The latest update to arrive is a fully featured Android app for SkyDrive. Finally.


For those who’re hearing it for the first time, SkyDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service that lets you store documents, photos, videos and more on the cloud that you can access from anywhere and any device.

Play Store: SkyDrive for Android (Free)


The app’s design is basically a mix of Android’s Holo design and Microsoft’s Metro (or whatever they call it now) design. The UI is simple and intuitive and there’s nothing much to talk about the interface — “It just works”. You can download or upload files, share folder links and files.


Photos in SkyDrive can be opened within the app in a horizontally scrollable gallery, which includes options for basic operations such as delete, generate public link, download and share.


The upload functionality is pretty well built and features a separate page for displaying file uploads. The upload status of files are also shown in the status bar, which is something the Dropbox app is missing. However, only photos and videos can be uploaded at the moment. There’s no way you can upload a document or some other file.

What’s Missing


The app features three different options when you select a file — generate link, download and share. These options, however, seem to have very less difference in their functionality. The generate link option generates a public link of a particular file or folder and offers you to share it with pre-installed apps. The download option downloads a file and the share option, again, downloads a file and offers you to share it with pre-installed apps.

Thus, the app uses three different buttons for some functionalities which could’ve been easily achieved by just two buttons. Apart from just wasting space, it will also lead to confusion among the users.

And then, there’s no support for file synchronization as well. But that’s something not even Dropbox or Google Drive not implemented yet citing requirement of heavy memory for sync purposes so I have no rights to complain about it.


The app is pretty good. But there’s this big question that’s bugging me for long — Why did Microsoft take so long to release an official app for SkyDrive? Dropbox has been on both Android and iOS for over two years and so have several other small cloud storage services. If a specific product’s app is not available for a platform, chances are high that people might completely leave it and move over to some other product. And for this basic reason, I rarely see any Android/iPhone user using a cloud service other than Dropbox or Google Drive.

Nevertheless, they say it’s better late than never.

Play Store: SkyDrive for Android (Free)

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