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Apple Unveils iPhone 5 : The Features You Must Know

September 13th, 2012 by

iphone 5

After much of hype, the iPhone 5 has been finally announced. The rumors and speculations seemed to be much more accurate this time around, spoiling the surprise factor for most of us.

iPhone 5, What’s new?

iPhone 5 gets the much awaited LTE support; it is surprisingly thinner and lighter in spite of having a larger display in terms of length. We will now take a look at the features one by one.


iphone5 design

Apple never fails to stun consumers with its seemingly “go-thinner-go-lighter” mantra. While we were speculating the iPhone 5 would be at the same size, heck slightly thicker than the 4S, Apple managed to turn round corners and put in innovative technology to make the iPhone a whole lot thinner and lighter. iPhone 5 is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. At just 112 grams,  it is  20% lighter than the iPhone 4S as well, despite the increased screen size . Impressive indeed! Interesting thing to be noted here is that the glass back panel is completely replaced by a aluminium unibody making it more sturdy.

Bigger Display

iphone 5 bigger screen

After 5 years of its launch, iPhone has finally got a screen size bump from 3.5 inches to 4. Indeed, this one was widely anticipated and near confirmed in the various rumors going round the web. The screen resolution has been slightly bumped up from 960 by 640 to 1136 by 640 as well to take the advantage of the bigger screen. The screen also does away with an additional layer of touch, integrating it into the display. What will be interesting is, to see how fast the developers move to update their apps for the iPhone 5 as the existing apps run centered on the new iPhone with black borders on the top and bottom.

LTE Support

iphone 5 lte

While Samsung fans will be grinning at this due its LTE patents, Apple at last has included a wide array of Wireless technological enhancements to iPhone 5. The LTE support is added through a new chip and also boasts of a dynamic antenna. Also iPhone 5 sports HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA support for faster data transfer. Wi-Fi technological improvements has been taken care of as the new iPhone features support 5 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum.

Faster Processor

iphone 5 a5

A processor upgrade from A5 to A6 processor is introduced in the iPhone 5. Apple boasts of this as 2 times faster graphics and 2 times faster CPU. This seems slightly less compelling, if you recall back when iPhone 4S had a vastly superior graphics (up to 7 times faster)  compared to its predecessor.


iphone 5 camera

Now megapixel nerds will be slightly disappointed at the fact that the camera on the iPhone 5 still sports a 8 MP sensor, the internal architecture though looks slightly tweaked. The new camera sports a shift to sapphire crystal lens for more clarity coupled with dynamic low light mode and precision lens alignment. The upgraded processor is what boosts image processing with faster photo capture, better low light performance and spatial noise reduction. Other fancy new features we would love to see in action is the newly introduced ability to take snaps while shooting videos and the panorama mode to take pictures with seamless transition to fill an entire landscape into a neat photograph.

iphone 5 camera improvements

Impressive Battery Life

iphone 5 battery

Even hardcore Android fans will be quite impressed by the fact that iPhone 5 has got more battery life than iPhone 4S with over 8 hours of LTE and 3G talk time,  and 225 hours of standby time. Though this would vary depending on the location , provider and the usage, Apple’s battery stats have generally been quite close to numbers obtained in real life usage.

Apple Extras

iphone 5 connector
Apple looks set to change everything introduced since 2003 including the connector and the ear plugs. Though there will be lot of hue and cry caused by the new “Lightning” connector due to the need of an additional adapter to use older accessories, it is as much as 80% smaller making it much sleeker than its predecessor. However what is certainly drool worthy is the completely redesigned ear buds or rather as apple calls it “Earpods” which is designed to fit into everyone’s ear comfortably.
iphone 5 earpods

Concluding Words

Apple has put front a fairly solid successor to the iPhone 4S with some much needed hardware upgrade. iPhone has the advantage of Apple’s stellar supply chain, no wonder it will be shipping right from September 21 while rivals like Nokia still figure out the month.  However given the extremely stiff competition, it will be interesting to see the loyalty of consumers.

Editor’s Opinion

From what we see, a lot of work has gone into making the iPhone 5 in terms of redesigning the body, to make it slimmer and accordingly accommodate the parts and chips within this small space. It’s like they have prepared a platform for the upcoming iPhones.

Having said this, talking about iPhone 5 specifically, I feel though the engineering & the work put in may be innovative & brilliant; when you think of it in terms of what it means to a consumer, they hardly matter! At the end of the day, what they have delivered is a product which is very similar to its predecessor. Yes, it is faster; Yes, it is longer in terms of display; Yes, it supports LTE, but if you see these from a common user’s point of view, they really don’t matter much.

Is iPhone 5 a ‘Must Buy’?

If you own an iPhone 4S, My answer is No! Stick to it, it wouldn’t be a wise decision upgrading to iPhone 5 (I really don’t see the value for money there). Trust me, you won’t miss much. But if you don’t own an iPhone or own iPhone 4 or older, it would be definitely worth a buy. Will be glad to hear your views!

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