2 Ways to Get Free SMS Alert When Your Website is Down

Today, Amit Agarwal made a post on how to get free SMS alert when the website is down using the Google Docs. I had a look at it, he mentioned that it may be the only possible way to get the alerts for free. I was like, there has to be some other way. Though the method he has mentioned is pretty good, I thought there has to be a simpler alternative. I racked my brain a bit. With in no time (took me about 2-3 mins), I found this way how to get Free SMS alerts when the SMS is down.

Method 1

This is the method I found out, which I think is a whole lot simpler. Obviously it’s subjective. We will be using the Uptime Robot service to notify the status of the website.


You need to sign up for a Free account at Uptime Robot.

After you have signed in, setup the monitor for your website.
Under Settings, Choose to receive DM to your Twitter Account. (You can also choose other methods of Alerts like Email and iOS Push)

Twitter Mobile Service

Now you need to activate the Mobile service on Twitter. It’s offered for free.

After You have activated it, choose to receive DM alerts on your mobile via SMS. (Along with DM you can also choose to get notification, when your tweet is retweeted/you are followed, etc; but those haven’t got anything to do with this trick of receiving free alerts when your website is down.)

That’s it! You are good to go.

I prefer this method, because the scope of it is wide. Apart from monitoring the website server, you can also setup the monitor for Keywords, Ping & TCP ports.

Tip: If you don’t wish to receive every DM you get on your primary account, you can always create a dummy twitter account, just for the sake of receiving the alerts!

Method 2

I won’t go in to the details of it. It involves setting up the alert via Google Docs. You can refer Labnol’s tutorial for more info.

Hope you find both the methods helpful!