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Five Amazing Fun Apps for Windows 8 Based on Metro UI

September 23rd, 2012 by

Windows 8 is still a month away from its launch, but the app store is already seeing a lot of noteworthy additions. We had covered five amazing twitter apps for Windows 8 few days ago and we are back  with some fun apps, this time around. These  were selected after scraping through over fifty apps to give you the very best of the Windows 8 Metro (err Modern UI ) experience.


inspirartion for windows 8 metro

Surprisingly light at a quarter megabyte but a great sketching app for unleashing your creativity. InspirARTion lets you create some stunning sketches with extreme ease. Though you might think this app is not of much use on non touch devices, you get the advantage of precise brush control with mouse. All the controls of the app are put in the bottom app bar so you get the whole screen as a canvas for your sketches. You can choose between multiple brushes like  Furs, Palms, Star and more. The killer feature of InspirARTion is symmetry, which replicates effects applied to a certain portion of the screen to multiple areas. There is a minor bug though, which does not let you change the background colour. You can also easily share your creation with the Share option in the charms bar. Overall a must have for any Windows 8 enthusiast.


drums windows 8 metro app

Drums is a nice little app featuring 12 different drum sounds with multi touch support. Non touch users are given some love as well with the key board shortcuts for various beats displayed on screen. The app works very responsively, and there is no lag of any sort. Though we wish it had the option to record sessions. Also there is literally no scope for any customization. Never the less, a solid app for killing time.

Geek Trivia

geek trivia windows 8 metro app

While you might despise me for including this one on the list, Geek Trivia is a great app to test and improve your geek quotient. You can take different quizzes with varying difficulty to put your knowledge to test. A nice detailed answer is provided for every “Recent Trivia” question you answer. Don’t expect to score more than 50% as the questions asked really make you pull your hair (or at least Google). The questions are not stale as well and they are updated quite regularly.

Fresh Paint

fresh paint windows 8 metro app

Fresh Paint is perhaps a tight slap on the face of everybody who says “omg-metro-totally-sucks!!”. This app simply shows how creative developers can get with the Windows 8 Modern UI. Fresh Paint gets simulates real life painting extremely well, and largely succeeds in doing that. You can play with a variety of brushes, crayons and even pencils. What’s even more intriguing is the presence of multiple surfaces in the app : 6 variants of canvas and paper surfaces each. What’s the big deal you ask? If you choose canvas, the paint is wet initially and takes time to dry! If you don’t like that , you can even “Dry” the canvas with a virtual fan. On the other hand, paper surfaces makes the paint dry almost instantaneously and the colors appear slightly more rigid. I could go on and on about how unbelievably real the app gets, however, I will stop here. A must have for any Windows 8 user, period.


ballstrike windows 8 metro augmented reality app

Lastly on the list we have a fun augmented reality app for Windows 8. BallStrike is aimed towards the health conscious but in general it is fun to use. If you have ever used Kinect for Xbox 360, you will easily get the idea behind it. The premise is simple, you move your body to hit the balls and score points. The webcam of your Laptop/PC will track your motion. The only requirement is you need to stand two meters behind your webcam for it map your body shape correctly. You are also presented with the calories you have burned in each session. The app in itself is free but the stock version in store offers only three levels and you will need to purchase further levels if you want. Still the app works extremely well and can you help to burn off some calories while you are at it.


Watch out this space as we will be updating this list frequently as more apps get into the Windows Store. In the mean, I hope you have a great time with these apps. Do share your feedback about these apps.

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