HOW TO: Enable Call Recording in Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Call RecordingCall Recording can be useful at times when you wish to record an important conversion with any person. Although mobile phones have been increasingly becoming smart since their inception, call recording is a an utility that is rarely seen any phone — including Samsung Galaxy S3, which is one of the best smartphone yet.

There’s actually no straight way to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy S3. Yes, there more than a dozen apps available in the Play Store that claim to record calls on Android devices (and a few specifically made for Galaxy S3), but not a single of them work as advertised.

Thankfully, a developers who goes by the title, Wanam has managed to get it working on the Galaxy S3 with a small hack. In this post, we’ll show you how to record calls in Samsung Galaxy S3.

Perquisites for Getting Call Recording for Samsung Galaxy S3 to Work


 This mod has only been tested on the international variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-19300). Please do not try to flash it if you’ve a different variant. It might turn your phone into a paper weight.

But before we get started, please note that this hack has two requirements:

  • ClockWorkMod should be installed on your phone.
  • Your phone’s ROM should be de-odexed. The Galaxy S3’s ROM (firmware) is odexed by default. If you’re using a custom ROM then your ROM probably already de-odexed.

De-odexed what? In simple words, de-odexing a ROM makes it possible to make modifications in the ROM. If flashing a custom ROM just for the sake of recording calls is too much for you, then here’s a nice guide for de-odexing your Galaxy S3’s current firmware.

Call Recorder for Samsung Galaxy S3

Activating call recording in Samsung Galaxy S3 is a fairly easy process, given that your phone meets the above two requirements. Simply download this file and flash it in your phone using ClockWorkMod:

Download:   Call Recorder for Samsung Galaxy S3 (Dropbox link)

After installation, the call screen will now have an option to record calls and the recordings will be stored in the folder, ‘Sounds’.

Detailed Steps:
Call recorder for Samsung Galaxy S3
  1. Store the above file in your phone’s internal memory.
  2. Restart your phone in recovery mode by simultaneously pressing Volume up + Home + Power buttons.
  3. Using the volume, home and back keys to scroll, choose an option and go back respectively, select install zip from SD card and choose the downloaded file.
  4. Reboot!

Feel free to ask us any question regarding this mod specifically or any questions related to the Galaxy S3 in general.

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