[How to] Root Xolo x900 / Orange San Diego (Step by Step Guide)


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While pundits were busy writing off Xolo X900 , the recently released Ice Cream Sandwich update has taken the Intel smartphone to a whole new level with great performance improvements and much needed fixes along with the usual Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.

If this was not enough for you, good news is that Xolo X900 and Orange San Diego can be successfully rooted, thanks to benichou from Modaco forums. Here is a short guide to how to safely root Xolo x900 / Orange San Diego. Oh and yes I have successfully rooted my own device to confirm the method.

While I have been able to successfully root my Xolo following the very same method , TechSplurge is NOT responsible in any way if your device is unfortunately bricked at any stage

Before We Begin

Make sure you have the following

The Intel USB driver will NOT install on Windows 8. Please use Windows 7 or below for the process

Also I recommend you to keep a backup of the ICS update.zip file in your phone’s home directory just in case if anything goes wrong.

Root Xolo x900 : Step By Step Guide

Its boring to say, but please follow the steps very carefully.

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging mode

 Settings > About phone > Advanced settings >  USB Debugging

Step 2. Connect your Phone to your Windows PC , make sure you have the USB driver mentioned above installed.

Step 3. Extract the root installer archive on your PC and run  the runme.bat file.

Step 4. In your PC type 1 in the command prompt for “Make a choice”.


Step 5. Your device will ask for Full Restore. Don’t panic. You will not loose any data here. Select Restore my data.

xolo rooting

That’s it. Your device will reboot twice and you will be rooted. Note that your screen may flash before the second reboot and that is perfectly fine.intel xolo rooted

Xolo Rooted ! Now can I install custom ROMS?

Nope. Not yet atleast because the bootloader is locked , keeping custom ROM’s out of the equation. However given the near flawless ICS rom, there is actually very little scope for custom ROMs on Xolo (sure you will miss some CM tweaks though) .


Just flash the ICS update. Make sure you have the ICS update.zip on your phone’s home directory. To flash it go to Settings > About phone >  System updates > Update from USB storage and select the zip file.


The addition of Root just makes the new ICS update even more awesome and makes you run all the apps in the Play store without any worries. The fun has just begun and expect the device to be galactically-awesome when the careers push the Jelly Bean update sometime in December / Q1 2013. Please feel free to ask leave a comment if you need help or you could also join the original thread