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[How to] Root Xolo x900 / Orange San Diego (Step by Step Guide)

October 22nd, 2012 by


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While pundits were busy writing off Xolo X900 , the recently released Ice Cream Sandwich update has taken the Intel smartphone to a whole new level with great performance improvements and much needed fixes along with the usual Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.

If this was not enough for you, good news is that Xolo X900 and Orange San Diego can be successfully rooted, thanks to benichou from Modaco forums. Here is a short guide to how to safely root Xolo x900 / Orange San Diego. Oh and yes I have successfully rooted my own device to confirm the method.

While I have been able to successfully root my Xolo following the very same method , TechSplurge is NOT responsible in any way if your device is unfortunately bricked at any stage

Before We Begin

Make sure you have the following

The Intel USB driver will NOT install on Windows 8. Please use Windows 7 or below for the process

Also I recommend you to keep a backup of the ICS file in your phone’s home directory just in case if anything goes wrong.

Root Xolo x900 : Step By Step Guide

Its boring to say, but please follow the steps very carefully.

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging mode

 Settings > About phone > Advanced settings >  USB Debugging

Step 2. Connect your Phone to your Windows PC , make sure you have the USB driver mentioned above installed.

Step 3. Extract the root installer archive on your PC and run  the runme.bat file.

Step 4. In your PC type 1 in the command prompt for “Make a choice”.


Step 5. Your device will ask for Full Restore. Don’t panic. You will not loose any data here. Select Restore my data.

xolo rooting

That’s it. Your device will reboot twice and you will be rooted. Note that your screen may flash before the second reboot and that is perfectly xolo rooted

Xolo Rooted ! Now can I install custom ROMS?

Nope. Not yet atleast because the bootloader is locked , keeping custom ROM’s out of the equation. However given the near flawless ICS rom, there is actually very little scope for custom ROMs on Xolo (sure you will miss some CM tweaks though) .


Just flash the ICS update. Make sure you have the ICS on your phone’s home directory. To flash it go to Settings > About phone >  System updates > Update from USB storage and select the zip file.


The addition of Root just makes the new ICS update even more awesome and makes you run all the apps in the Play store without any worries. The fun has just begun and expect the device to be galactically-awesome when the careers push the Jelly Bean update sometime in December / Q1 2013. Please feel free to ask leave a comment if you need help or you could also join the original thread

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  1. harish maiya

    After Step 4, command window on my PC is stuck at Make a choice : 1 Checking if i should run in Normal Mode or special Sony Mode Please connect your device with USB-Debugging enabled now * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * Xolo phone doesn't display Full Restore window. I followed all steps as is. pls let me know possible solutions Thanks in advance! Harish

    1. Ganesh

      Did you install the OTA 27 MB update by Xolo? If yes, then unfortunately Xolo can not be rooted as they have fixed the exploit. To root the phone you gotta install the Original Update which is put up here (or you can get it from the Xolo site)

  2. karthik

    After Step 4, command window on my PC is stuck at Make a choice : 1 Checking if i should run in Normal Mode or special Sony Mode Please connect your device with USB-Debugging enabled now * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * Xolo phone doesn’t display Full Restore window. I followed all steps as is. pls let me know possible solutions

    1. Ganesh

      Did you connect the phone before starting the tool? Also you can try running the tool in admin mode in Windows. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled prior to connecting. I dont recall it asking to run in Sony Mode though

  3. manumitter

    Hi Ganesh When i run the runme.bat on windows xp pro it is successful and does the second reboot. But when I use any app requiring root access (gemini app manager or AdAway) it says your phone is not rooted (on AdAway it says the 'su binary could not be found or you did not allow root permission for Adaway' Thks

          1. Zeke Dran

            It's been one year from then. The link you have provided seems to be dead (they might have moved it to somewhere else). I have been hunting for this app "tool-AIO" whereever possible, but couldn't find it yet. Please post a link below where I can find the solution for "how to enable hidden microSD slot in XOLO x900?", or simply explain in steps how to do it

    1. Ganesh

      Hi Ajinkya Yes, aware of this issue. Do this, download the older ROM from the link above and flash it via USB and follow this procedure again. Tedious I know. It is sad to see them nitpick root access. They released the 27 MB update to fix root issue along with some library updates.. Probably when the Jelly Bean build comes up, we will loose the root access again..

      1. Rohit

        i installed 27 mbs update after that Whenever i tried to install 299 MBs update via usb update it reboots an it shows verification signature faild update aborted.. what to do??? plz help..

  4. ajay kachroo

    hi sir successfully rooted and enable mass storage on my xolo phone but while i am trying to detoxed my xolo with your software the phone restarts but got stuck on xolo logo.sir the problem is i forget to take file in phone main memory i tried to wipe/factory restore my phone but nothing happen unable to connect my phone through pc. rem sir there is no file on my phone. please help ASAP

      1. Ganesh

        Hi Ajay You can not install custom roms and clockwordmod yet. Please don't do it or you will end up with a nice phone sized paperweight. Coming to your phone, could you try booting to recovery and try to do a factory reset? Use power and volume down to boot to droidboot then power and volume up to enter bootloader menu and select recovery.

              1. Vishal

                Hey ajay.. i fixed it without going to the service center.... If you are familiar with adb commands... You can use "adb reboot recovery" This will restart the device automatically in recovery mode without having to press any key combinations and then you can use placed in the root of sd card to restore the old os. Worked for me.. may be somone can make use of it... Although i have another issue, which is there since i bought the phone. Thebottom keys back light is not working in both sides one side its very dim. So i just wanted to know how good is the service center suport for Xolo.. Thanks

  5. theo

    i had installed the 27 mb update.. how do i go back to the 299 mb update.. the update is in my phone right now.. and how would i know which update is currently on my phone??

      1. theo

        done that..can i know the kernel number or something so ill know fr sure?? and the last time i tried my phone got incredibly slow and i had to flash it to get back to normal.. gonna try again.. is there anything im not doing right??

        1. Ganesh

          The kernel number for 3.0.8-138161 for the original ICS update. But I dont think the OTA update has a newer kernel though. It just fixes root, installs chrome by default and updates couple of libraries...

  6. igor

    Hellou i have problem i have ICS : 4,0,4 xolo but i have san diego everithing is fine i press restore data and then nothing happen where i have problem and i have in seting fone the USB Debugging please help

  7. Hrishi Shukla

    Hey i purchased xolo x900 few days back........ and i cant use it as usb storage....... whenever i try to copy something from my pc on it a message displays that it cant be copied as the device has stoppped working or disconnected......... i tried to find out this problem and many on sites mentioned this page -- i also installled it..... but the same problem persists....... please help me out...... my device is running on ics os n pc on windows xp........

  8. Alan

    Hi, I had run it on my phone, and it had the root icon. Some apps said it rooted, but don't have limit. In other words, it didn't complete root. what is wrong? BTW, I didn't have 27mb

  9. Saurabh

    Whenever i flashed via usb my phone got stuck on bootloader mode and is not coming out of it instead it should reboot automatically what should i do????

  10. MangoPeople

    Hey, I have already rooted by xolo x900 using AIO tool and enabled by SD card. The hidden Micor SD slot card work very well. However, USB Mass Storage does not seem to be working i.e if i understand correctly the term used is USB OTG. Can someone share step by step procedure to Activate USB OTG for a rooted XOLO X900 ? Thanks in Advance. Please go gentle on me as i am a novice.

      1. Vivek

        What is the way out? As internal memory for app data is only 1GB. I want to swap internal and SD partitions further. So looking for a rooting method for this. Is there any universal rooting software available? Or its always designed for individual handsets?

  11. Yogesh

    Hey, I applied this , on xolo x900 , but phone not restarted , When i click 'Restore my data' after 5 second a popup appered saying restore ended.. and i restarted and checked , but phone is not rooted.. so pls tell me any sol..N you have.. I just want to connect my internal memory as mass storage instead of MTP. My android os - ICS 4.0.4 karnal - 3.0.8 SMP preempt pls suggest any trick if you have,. Thanks in advance

    1. Ganesh

      Hi It MIGHT be possible to revert to original ICS but, you will lose GPS in the process as only the 58 MB would let you use it properly. However, you should be able to revert to original using the AIO tool

      1. dtouch

        No I am not talking about reverting. I had sucessfully rooted the ICS. Now the mobile update MU software update gave me an alert that there is a 58 mb update. If i do this update, will I loose the root? Can it be rooted by above steps again after this update?

  12. theo

    hi, the phone is rooted and working file. but im not able to flash any zip through recovery. and so far i have not found a custom recovery for x900. i keep getting e: signature verification error. any possible way to toggle the signature verification?

  13. reuben saacks

    Hi. My rooting process will run normally then stop at * daemon started successfully * I've tried top revert back to the update provided here but the phone just rejects the file. I've installed the intel android drivers, and USB Debugging is turned on.any suggestions?

      1. Rohan

        Idk i actully got a replacement from the company as my cell was damaged so it was on Android 2.3 till this morning and i just downloaded the ICS update OTA i didnt download any other update though its telling me that there is a 46 MB update to be downloaded my kernel is 3.0.8-138161-g8399bf7

  14. dtouch

    My xolo x900 is running build number v2.370 Android 4.0.4 IFWI 05.B1 Kernel version 3.0.8-138236-g57b9bb5 I am not able to complete root. The sjell kept running after retoring data. Any idea?

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