[HOW TO] Uninstall / Remove Apps from Nokia Asha 308/309/311

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Nokia Asha 308 / 309 Uninstall Apps

Asha, the latest line-up of feature phones by Nokia, has been gaining popularity among budget-minded consumers and has turned out to be a great backup plan for the Finnish company, which has not seen any operating profit for several quarters. In fact, ‘Asha’, is a Hindi word that actually translates to ‘Hope’ in English, which the company needs desperately.

For the past two years, Nokia has been aggressively designing various Asha models, differentiating in specifications and features. These models run on Asha operating system, which is basically based on the Nokia’s series 40 software platform. Although Nokia has been advertising Asha phones as smartphones — which actually they’re aren’t — because of their capability of supporting various applications, the Asha OS has a very unintuitive way of managing apps without the presence of any application manager.

So how to uninstall apps from Nokia Asha phones then? The answer lies in the file manager app present in Asha OS.

Steps to Uninstall / Remove Apps from Nokia Asha 308/309/311


It’s pretty easy to uninstall any app from Nokia Asha 308/309/311 or any other Asha phone given that the app you’re trying to remove is NOT a system app i.e., it didn’t come pre-installed in your phone. Yes, it is a stupid decision for not allowing users to delete pre-installed apps, some of which are simply bland (e.g., Memorize, Hit My Boss, etc.).

Uninstalling Side-Loaded Apps

Uninstalling apps in Nokia Asha, which have been side-loaded into the phone (i.e., whose .JAR file has been downloaded manually from the web or transferred from other device) is pretty easy. Since Nokia Asha 308, 309 and 311 phones are based on Nokia’s series 40 platform, removal of any app can be simply done using the file manager. To do so, open files app from the application menu i.e., your default home screen.

how to uninstall apps in nokia asha 308 / 309

Next, navigate to the folder where you had stored that app, which will most probably be a .JAR file and delete it.

Uninstalling Apps Downloaded from the Nokia Store

In a similar way, uninstallation of apps that have been downloaded from the Nokia Store also involves the files app. The only difference is that the apps and games are specifically stored in the “apps” folder and “games” folder respectively, either in the internal memory or an external SD card.

Do let us know if you face any problem regarding this tutorial or the phone in general by leaving a comment below. We’ll be happy to help you out :)

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  1. aditya tiwari says

    in my nokia asha 311 7 preloaded games are appearing twice on main screen how do i unstall the duplicates? its eatimg memory.pls suggest procedure.

    • says

      Appearing twice? It must be a bug in the UI of Nokia Asha 311. Be assured, they won’t be eating extra memory as they’re the same app.

      Unfortunately, factory resetting your phone is the only solution to solve problems like this.

  2. Aditya says

    I got reply from Nokia contct centre a few days back and my problem solved by factory settings procedure.
    I want to know how these games apps icons appeared twice and thrice in my phone whence I did not download from anywhere?

  3. Atish Garg says

    I want to remove pre-installed games and apps from my nokia asha 210 dual sim phone. There is no application manager option. Please help !
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Srksaleem says

    Hi! To delete copyrighted files in nokia you just need to create duplicates of them. For instance if you want to delete the Nokia Tune.aac you just need to copy a file from SD card to other folder in SD Card and rename it using BlueFTP or UC Browser’s file manager as “Nokia tune.aac and copy another file to that folder in sd card now mark both files and and move them to the folder which contains Nokia tune.aac now you will be notified “1 file not moved file name already exist” now press back and go the ringtone folder in phone memory and highlight the nokia tune.aac file press option delete thats it. To delete apps and games first of all you need to create a backup file, goto settings>sync & backup>create backup>mark appsandgames press done. Now open BlueFTP App goto memory card>backup files folder there you’ll see backup000.nbf rename it as ‘backup000.nbf.zip’ now open it and goto predefjava>predefappsandgames there you’ll see folders named Such as ‘ovistore_ovistore_private’ this is the actual file name of nokia store app now write down all the folder names which has ‘_private’ suffixed to their names, now close the backup file. Copy 2 image files to sd card and rename 1 file as ovistore_ovistore without ‘.jpg’ and close BlueFTP App and goto menu>apps>sd card and rename the ovistore_ovistore file by adding ‘.jar’ extension and mark both files and move to my apps folder you ‘ll be notified as 1 file name already exist, now goto my apps and highlight nokia app store app press options and delete.

  5. Lome says

    My whatsapp appears on my file manager under apps not on my memory card and i can’t delete it. I use a nokia 306 and i want to delete the whatsapp cause i can’t upgrade to a newer version so now its just taking up space. please advice.

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