Use your Android Phone / Tablet as a PC speaker using Soundwire App

Ever ran into a situation where wished you could use your Android phone as a speaker for your desktop? Well, Soundwire, a free app for Android does exactly that. Made by GeorgieLabs, the app is an excellent tool to use your phone as a wireless extension for your computer.

It lets you use your phone to be played as a speaker so now you can rock out whenever you want without worrying about carrying a PC all round the house. This simple guide will tell you how to connect your smartphone with a PC through Soundwire.

Steps for Using Android Phone as PC Speakers

Download SoundWire and its desktop clients from the links given below.

Download: SoundWire App: Free | Full Version

Desktop Client

According to the app’s description on Play Store, the difference between the paid and free version are as follows:

The free version of the application identifies itself by voice every 45 minutes and displays ads. There is a 5 minute compression trial in the free version. The full version enables unlimited Opus audio compression, can handle up to 10 connections at the same time, and has no ads or voice identification. It also has a special Pro Mode to set and display buffer latency precisely in milliseconds.

Before we start, please note that SoundWire works on both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. To work with Wi-Fi, it your Android device and desktop are required to be on the same WiFi network. It also works when your phone is tethered to your computer using Wi-Fi.

Step 1. Play music on you PC. You can use any music player or website (iTunes, Media Player, YouTube, etc.) to play music in any format.

Use your Android Phone / Tablet as a PC speaker using Soundwire App

Step 3. Open the Soundwire PC client and select the audio source (the audio of video files get a small delay so Soundwire should be restricted to music only if you don’t want the audio to be out of sync with the video).

Windows XP users should choose the source named “Stereo Mix”, “Wave Out Mix”, “What You Hear” or other similarly named source. Windows 7 users don’t need to worry about this and can skip this step as the source gets selected automatically.

Step 4. Run the Soundwire app on your phone and press the connect button to connect to the PC and listen to music. If you leave the ‘Server’ box blank the app automatically locates the server. However, in case the server is not found you will have to enter the sever address manually.

The server address depends on the network and is shown in the upper left part of the Soundwire PC client window for example. The server address depends on your network setup and is shown on the upper left of the Soundwire Server window, for example:

Step 5. When music is playing check your Soundwire PC client’s level meter. It shows the sound level being transmitted to the smartphone and thus should be neither too loud (very frequent red indication) nor too quiet.

Despite Soundwire’s simplicity it still offers a lot of extra features packed in it. It can even help you connect two PCs via an Android simulator, allows you to compress the audio to decrease to network usage and even has a recorder to record any sound that you want to. Soundwire also sports a pro version with  additional customizations packed in it. It is a very useful app and the sheer simplicity of it makes it all the more awesome.

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