8 Must Have Games for Nokia Asha 308/309

The Asha 308 and 309 are the latest budget phones by Nokia, which feature a 3-inch display and a fast, intuitive user interface. The company is also offering 40 EA games for free on these mobiles. But are 40 games enough? Absolutely no and so, we are featuring 8 more, must-have games for Nokia Asha 308, 309 that you won’t be able to find on the Nokia Store.

The games listed here include direct download link instead of the App Store link since it’s easier to side-load apps / games to the Nokia Asha 308 or 309 rather than downloading them from the crippled Nokia Store, which is painfully slow, especially on the Asha 308, which is only capable of supporting Edge.

How to Install Nokia Asha 308 / 309 Games?

To install them, simply transfer their .JAR file to your phone using USB. Next, open the files app from the app menu, navigate to the folder where you’ve stored it and open it. The game will now be directly accessible from your app menu once you’ve installed it.

Okay, How to Un-Install Nokia Asha 308 / 309 Games Then?

Un-installing these games is also done using the file manager. You can read our tutorial on how to uninstall apps and games from Nokia Asha 308 / 309.

Nokia Asha 308 / 309 Games

1) The Sims Medieval

Nokia Asha 308 games - The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval brings a Medieval twist to the popular Sims series by EA and takes you to the ancient Roman times, where you get to play as various characters.The Nokia Asha 308/309 cannot deliver any console style graphics, but The Sim Medieval does bring an engaging gameplay to the mobile. It’s surprising to see that this game, packed in with quite a long story, weighs less than an MB in size and still delivers a terrific gameplay.

Download: The Sims Medieval (691 KB)

2) Age of Empires III Asian Dynasties


Who can forget the classic Age of Empire games series, which is still one of the most played games on desktop (especially LAN multiplayer) despite being released several years ago? Thanks to Glu, the Age of Empires III Asian Dynasties is now on mobile. Similar to the PC version, it has two different gameplay modes: Campaign and Skirmish. With an addictive gameplay, strategy gamers are surely going to love this game.

Please note that this game was actually designed for screens with higher resolution, but it is fully playable on any Nokia Asha phone having a screen resolution of 240 x 400 pixels.

3) The Adventures of TinTin

nokia asha 308 games the adventures of tintin

The Adventures of TinTin is an addictive action game. The story starts when TinTin buys a model ship called ‘The Unicorn’ at a market in Brussels. Another man, Sakharine desperately wants to buy it as well. On the way home, TinTin finds that his ship is stolen. A scroll falls from the stolen ship, which leads the suspicious TinTin to Sakharine’s residence.

Your job is to control TinTin from here and help him find the mystery behind a model ship with the help of Snowy, his pet dog and even using seaplanes, haddock and motorbikes.

Download: The Adventures of TinTin (1 MB)

4) Mafia II

Nokia Asha 309 games Mafia II

This game brings the world of Mafia to your Nokia Asha device. From dealing with fights to managing your ‘family’, this game has everything you’d expect from its name. You play the role of a new family member with the job of taking him to the highest rank of the family by earning reputation.

Moreover, Mafia II even lets you roam the city, do missions, go on rampage and kill pedestrians, steal cars, etc., delivering subtle GTA-style gameplay to your small screen.

Download: Mafia II (782 KB)

PAC Man - games for Nokia Asha 3095) PAC-Man

The good old classic DOS game PAC-MAN is now available for mobile as well. For those who’re unaware, it is a dead simple (and yet difficult) game where you control Ms. Pac-Man through the maze, avoiding the ghosts while gobbling up all the pac-dots. Munching on the large, power-pellets allows you to turn the table on the pesky ghosts.

While the basic idea of surfing the maze sounds easy, the game starts to get incredibly difficult as you steer through the levels.

Download: PAC-Man (214 KB)

6) Sonic Unleashed

sonic unleased games for nokia asha 308

Made by Gameloft, the popular console Sega game title, Sonic is also available for Java enabled phones like the Nokia Asha 308 and 309. The story is set in a place, where an evil doctor, Dr. Eggman’s has stolen all the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic the Hedgehog converting him to a Warehog, who then falls down to Earth. Your job now is to lead him through the city and take him to the doctor’s giant space for one last fight.

Download: Sonic Unleased (666 KB)

7) Street Fighter Alpha


This game is probably one of the most popular games that we used to play in arcade machines. It is basically a Java port for Asha phones with completely the same old addictive gameplay and sounds, but without any optimization for touch controls. Though, it has an on-screen buttons using which you can play the game.

Download: Street Fighter Alpha (827 KB)

8) California Gold Rush


California Gold Rush is an incredibly simple yet awesome game. The theme of the game is to dig rocks and mine as much gold as possible either before your character runs out of stamina or within a limited time-frame. The game also features bonuses such as rescuing trapped miners, finding artifacts (which reveals a legendary mine containing the biggest gold chunk in the game)

Download: California Gold Rush (821 KB)

This list ends here. Do tell us about your favorite game. Also drop in a comment if you know about more great games for Nokia Asha phones and we’ll surely add that game to this list.

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