8 Must Have Apps for Nokia Asha 308 / 309 for Power Users

The Nokia Asha 308 and 309 are the latest entry in Nokia’s Asha series of phones. While they both are almost similar in terms of functionality and specifications, the Asha 309 is a single SIM phone, whereas the Asha 308 is a dual-SIM variant. The presence of Wi-Fi in Asha 309 also gives it an edge over the Asha 308.

One feature of Asha phones that Nokia has been touting is its support for Apps. The two nearly-identical phones run on Nokia’s S40 software platform and support various apps, which can be installed from the Nokia Store. The list of supported apps, however, is pretty short and most of them are bland apps made by people with no knowledge of User Experience. In this list, we are featuring 8 hand-picked apps for Nokia Asha 308 and 309 which are must-have for every power user.

The apps listed below look a lot better in actual than they look in their crippled screenshots, Due to the absence of any screenshot taking functionality in Asha phones, I had to take the screenshots from the Nokia Store website, which is very badly maintained.

1. WhatsApp


Smartphones have changed the way we communicate with others and WhatsApp has certainly been riding this wave of success. The insanely popular cross-platform mobile messaging app is now also available for select Nokia Series 40 platform phones including the Nokia Asha 308 and 309.

Download: WhatsApp (Free for 1 year)

2. The Beat 99.9 FM

the beat 99.9 FM - nokia asha 309 apps


The Beat 99.9 FM app does the unbelievable job of streaming online radio to the feature Asha 308 / 309 phones and that too over GPRS, which is considered too slow for any kind of streaming. The two Asha phones can support a maximum of 29.6 KBps of data speed over GPRS, but Beat 99.9 FM still manages to stream continuous music without any noticeable buffering by drastically reducing the audio quality.

Apart from online streaming, the app can also connect to local radio stations using the phone’s built-in radio FM chip.

Download: The Beat 99.9 FM (Free)

3. The Weather Channel

Nokia Asha 308 Apps - the weather channel

The Weather Channel is a great app for checking weather on the go and is a well-known service for its precise weather information. It is a beautiful app interface that shows current weather information as well as hourly, 36 hours and 10-day weather forecast.

Download: The Weather Channel (Free)


ndtv app for nokia asha 308 and 309

NDTV news app for Nokia Asha 308 and 309 brings the latest news and updates from the Indian news channel NDTV to your small screen. The App lets you browse top stories, videos and photos. You can also get live cricket match scores and market updates on your phone.

The app, however, gets quite sluggish to use at times, the reason for which I believe is that app was basically made keeping non-touch screen Nokia S40 phones in mind. But then, we were unable to find any better news app currently available for Asha OS. If you find a better app, do let us know by leaving a comment below this post.

Get the latest news, updates from India’s leading news channel NDTV.

Download: NDTV (Free)


ESPN FC - Nokia Asha 308 appsThe next app in our list is for Football lovers. ESPN FC app presents you with latest news coverage in the Football world along with live scores, highlights, match fixtures, stats and team rankings of all major leagues & tournaments from around the globe. The app also lets you filter browser each team’s results as well as squad information of that particular team.

Download: ESPN FC (Free)

6. English Dictionary9

english dictionary app for nokia asha 309Weighing just under a half mega-byte, the English Dictionary9 app packs in thousands of English words and explanation of their meanings as well as common phrasal verbs. The most impressive feature of English Dictionary9 is that it can work even when you’re not connected to the internet — fully offline.

Download: English Dictionary9: Demo | Full Version

The app comes in two versions: demo and full version. The demo version is limited to only words beginning with A-F. For the rest set of words, you’ll have to buy the full version, which costs less than half a buck at Rs. 20 (~ $0.36). It’s a must have app for everyone.

7. UC Web Browser


UC Web Browser is well known for its data compression ability that helps websites load fast, even on phones with slow internet connection. It achieves this by drastically removing JavaScript files and adjusting image quality so as to decrease weight of web-pages. This is a reason why this web browser is a must have app for the Nokia Asha 308 / 311.

Download: UC Web Browser (Free)

Opera Mini - Nokia Asha 309 apps8. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the smaller brother of Opera Mobile Browser, made specially for feature phones. It is a very light weighed browser that functions very similar to UC Web Browser by speeding up page load times using its ‘Opera Turbo technology’ and has an excellent User Interface as well.

Download: Visit from mobile: m.opera.com

This list ends here. If you think there’s another app that didn’t make into our list, do let us know. Till then, enjoy your Nokia Asha 308 / 309!

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