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Spending Tracker is the Best Free Expense Tracker App for iPhone/iPad

December 8th, 2012 by

The advantages of keeping track of expenditure are many fold. Most importantly it helps keep the expenses under check! Maintaining record of the expenses can be a real headache. Thankfully there are many apps which can help with it. But the main problem is, most of them are either paid apps or have significant limitations in the “lite” version.

What’s worse is, some so called free apps come with limit on the number of transactions; which you come to know only on reaching the limit, which is pretty misleading and annoying. I personally came across an app called iSpending which had such a limitation. So when the limitation was reached, having no option to continue with the app for free, I had to again re-enter all the transactions into Spending tracker, as exported data format from iSpending wasn’t supported by Spending Tracker.

Spending Tracker is free is true sense of word. Though this app too has a pro version, there aren’t any significant limitations in the free version.


  • Simple and easy to use interface that lets you track your spending quickly and easily
  • Ability to choose to track Weekly, Monthly or Yearly
  • Budget Mode lets you set a fixed budget amount to help you meet your spending targets. You can also choose to carry over any remaining budget to the next period
  • Summary View lets you get an overview of your current spending and income. This is especially useful when you wish to get an idea of the main areas of expenditure.
  • The simple interface lets you add any transaction, be it expense or income, easily without much hassle. You can sort by date, name or amount. You also have the ability to setup categories so that you can group the transactions systematically.
  • The reports let you visualize the flow of your money in a simple understandable fashion. You can view the expenditure based on category to make things simpler.

With these features, you can very well keep track of all the transactions without the need to upgrade to Pro version. But if you wish to maintain regular backups and need some extra features, you can always upgrade to Pro version for just 2.99$!

Pro features

  • Repeat transactions daily, weekly or monthly
  • Export transactions in CSV format
  • Backup & Restore
  • No Ads
  • Priority Support (not that you need it!)

It’s a must have app if you are bad at managing finances. Let me know if you know of any other app which is better than Spending Tracker for iPhone/iPad.

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