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MagIQ Square is a New, Simple yet Addictive Number Game for iPhone/iPad

December 13th, 2012 by

Are you one of those who spends hours playing Sudoku? We have some good news for you. What better treat for a game lover than another game which is equally addictive!

MagIQ Square is a new number game which requires logic and strategic thinking while also providing a little bit of mental math workout.

MagIQ Square – The Game


The concept of the game is pretty simple, you need to arrange the tiles so that the sum of each row, each column and both diagonals is 34. Sounds too easy? Well let me tell you, just to start off, there can be around 20 trillion different combinations! The concept is believed to have originated in China some time BC and slowly diffused to medieval Europe via Persia, India and Arabia.

At the start of each game, the tiles are arranged randomly.

The level of the game corresponds to the number of “greyed out” tiles which are locked into the right positions from the start. The more locked tiles, the easier it is to solve the square. On the easiest level, half of the tiles are locked. On the most difficult level, only two tiles are locked. Perhaps counter-intuitively, the more freedom you have, the more difficult it gets.

The challenge is to use as few moves as possible, at the same time you need to be as quick as possible, as time is used as a tie-breaker between players with an equal number of moves.

Presently the game is available only on the App Store, but it can soon be expected on other platforms. It is available on App Store in 2 versions, free & paid. The free version allows you to play only on level 8, if you wish to unlock the other levels you need to purchase the paid version which is available on the App Store for just 1.99$.

Download: MagIQ Square : Free | Paid (1.99$)

High Score Charts

You can compete against your own score or challenge others, at different levels of difficulty. The personal best on each level is stored in the app, and the results can be uploaded to a league table, ranking the best players from around the world.


As a part of launch promo, contributors to the high score table will automatically enter a contest to win a trip to an exotic destination (location has not yet been disclosed).

The contest starts from 1st Jan ’13, so start practicing now! For more details about the competition please visit this link.

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