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[How To] Notify and Send Reminders to Unconfirmed Feedburner Subscribers via Mailchimp

December 19th, 2012 by

Recently I was looking into the list of our subscribers, what I found was astonishing! The number of unconfirmed subscribers was almost equal to the confirmed email subscribers.

The unconfirmed subscribers are ones who choose to subscribe but forgot to confirm it by clicking on the link contained in the confirmation email. Since it was a significant number, I started finding ways to send a gentle reminder to these to-be subscribers to confirm their subscription.

There used to be a plugin Named notify unconfirmed subscribers by Keith Dsouza. But unfortunately, it no longer works & he doesn’t support it either. You will get an error saying:

Error Details
OOPS!!! Something went wrong while fetching the unconfirmed subscribers. Use the error code given below, if you want to submit a support request.

Error Code: E103 – Missing required GALX value.

So I had to find some good way to send the reminders, which I did!

The best way to send reminders to unconfirmed subscribers on feedburner via Mailchimp

Firstly, you need to export & download the entire list of your email subscribers via Feedburner.


Then open this file via Excel.

Choose to sort the entire content. Choose “Column that has Status” & enter a new parameter “Pending verification”


Excel magically sorts all the emails IDs which are unconfirmed.

Copy all these email IDs (only those with Pending Verification).

Now sign in to MailChimp account (If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free)

Create a new list.


Import the IDs by choosing to copy/paste from Excel.


Wait for the import to be complete.

Design a new campaign as per your specifications, choose to send email to all the members of the list you just created.

Voila! you are done.

PS. This tutorial is to be used only for sending gentle reminders once or twice. We are strictly against spam.

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