Five Must Have Apps for Windows 8

Windows 8 Store is finally abuzz with apps from some big names. In case you missed the recent flutter in the Windows Store, we are picking five solid, must have Windows Store apps for Windows 8 and RT.

Adobe Reader for Windows 8


You might be raising your eyebrows for inclusion of this app in the list, when already Windows 8/RT’s native PDF reader is pretty decent. There are a couple of convincing reasons for this though.

Firstly, the Windows 8 Modern UI version of Adobe Reader is surprisingly (and thankfully) bloat free at just around 3 MB of a download which contrasts sharply with the grumpy desktop version.  Secondly the native Windows 8 PDF  Reader is a major fail, when it comes to file compatibility, and this is exactly where Adobe Reader scores big time over Windows 8 Reader.

TL : DR; Just download this one.

Download: Adobe Reader for Windows 8  [3.29 MB]

Yahoo Mail

yahoo mail for windows 8

Yahoo Mail may not be the widest used email service anymore , but it still retains a sizeable chunk of user share. One great aspect about Yahoo Mail is the quality of their platform specific apps, be it Android, or now Windows 8. Yahoo Mail’s Windows 8 app feels extremely rugged and well made and I somehow feel that, Yahoo Mail scores a notch higher than Windows 8 Mail app in terms of interface design.

Added bonus feature is that, Yahoo Mail can run in the background, so you do get push email on your Windows 8 device, which is something the Windows 8 Mail app ironically fails to do.

Download: Yahoo Mail for Windows 8  [487 KB]

Code Writer


Code Writer is easily the best of the lot when it comes to source code editors for Windows 8. The usefulness of a code editor in a Metro UI is obviously going to be the real estate that any Modern UI app provides. Code Writer is very simple to use, and supports over 20 languages right off the bat. The icing on the cake is the fact that, Code Writer is extremely light and works really snappy. A handy app  with a beautiful user interface, if you just want to concentrate on your code.

Download: Code Writer [1.12 MB]



EverNote was perhaps, one of the earliest third party apps to make it into the Windows Store, right in its pre release days. Over the period of time, EverNote for Windows 8 has become robust, intuitive and has packs almost all features of the Android /  Desktop counterpart. It might be perhaps the biggest deal, if you are searching for a real productivity app for Windows 8.  Do bear in mind that, EverNote for Windows 8 still lacks few features, like the ability to edit Rich Text notes and is no way yet comparable to the Android/iOS client. It is a keeper have nevertheless, due to its sync capabilities, and obvious utility.

Download: EverNote for Windows 8  [6.89 MB]

All My Storage (Free Edition)


Right now , there is an absolute lack of decent Windows 8 Metro clients for cloud storage services. While we are unsure if the providers will decide to release official apps for Windows 8, for the moment you can use the incredible All My Storage for browsing through your Box, SkyDrive and most importantly, Dropbox files  in a convenient location. At the moment, the app is not too feature packed, but it definitely covers all the core functionalities required by a cloud service client. The app to look forward to, if you want hassle-free Dropbox on Windows 8 until (if at all) the official Dropbox client is released.

Download: All My Storage (Free Edition) [6.82 MB]