Receive Alerts via Twitter DMs when your Site is Down

UptimeRobot has rolled out a very unique feature for all the “tweeples.” Apart from offering free eMail and SMS alerts whenever your site is down, users can now also opt to receive Direct Messages in Twitter.

For those who don’t know about UptimeRobot, its a site which offers free website uptime monitoring service. Its really a handy service to monitor your server’s uptime because your visitors won’t like any “Server Not Found” error when they visit your site.


All you need is to follow @uptimerobot on twitter so that it can send you messages whenever your site s server is experiencing a downtime.
If you think that was too short, here are the steps in details:

  1. Follow @uptimerobot Twitter user (so, it can send DMs)
  2. Go to “My Settings” page
  3. Under “Add Alert Contacts”, click Twitter
  4. Enter your Twitter user (without @)
  5. Activate this alert contact by pressing the “play button” (i.e. – play button ) inside the table listing your alert contacts.

Uptimerobot has some great features which makes it different than others such as Multi-Location monitoring which checks if your server is up in multiple locations (from US, Europe, Asia, etc.) to make 100% sure that they are “down” before sending any notifications.

UptimeRobot's Multi-Location Monitoring

Moreover if you have multiple websites then it also lets you add upto 50 sites. So its worth a try.

Get more information here.