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Vote for your Favorite Official Mozilla 2010 T-shirt!

May 7th, 2010 by

Mozilla needs your help to decide the official T-shirt that will represent Mozilla in 2010!

From the thousands of T-shirt designs that were submitted, 5 have been chosen as the finalist and you just need to vote for the #1 till 14th May when the voting will close. The winning design will be featured on various Mozilla sites and printed as the official 2010 shirt.

The goal of this challenge is to design a shirt that captures the unique essence of Mozilla and the principles it stands for. The winning design will be printed as the Mozilla Foundation’s official 2010 t-shirt and will be made available as an exclusive item for contributors. The winner will also be featured on various Mozilla websites, including the Creative Collective

Designs which made their way into the Finals:

1. Decorative Dino on black


2. Create a Big Idea


3. ADOPT MOZILLA (Old Paper Version)

adopt_mozilla4. The Collaboration Foundry


5. Monkey and Mouse


If you wanted to see your design in the list too then you’re outta luck because submission has already ended. Anyways, you should head over to the Creative Collection site and vote for your favorite design.

I liked ADOPT MOZILLA (Old Paper Version), So i voted for it. Which one did you like?

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