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Wizard Wars is a Tiny, Simple and Highly Addictive Same Screen Multiplayer Game for Android

January 23rd, 2013 by

Although Android’s gaming capabilities have been rapidly cruising to a level that matches to that of consoles, finding good multiplayer games for Android is a relatively tougher job as compared to iOS, mainly because of the indistinct nature of Android devices and a lack of a central gaming center that makes it harder for developers to implement such options.

wizard wars - same screen multiplayer game for androidWizard Wars is a new same-screen multiplayer game for Android that has been recently released to the Play Store. It doesn’t boast any mind boggling visuals or sound effects, but as a person who is constantly on the hunt for such games, I can certainly say that it’s one of the most addictive games out there for Android in its genre.

The game is an insanely simple, real time and fast paced duel game whose gameplay involves the two players to fight against each other by casting spells until one of the two dies. The screen is divided into two halves and a total of six different spells are available for each player, with the first three being attack spells and the rest for defense.

The outcome of any match depends completely upon the reaction speed, timing and tactics of the players.

wizard wars - multiplayer game for android

Spells (from left to right): Fire, Ice, Lightening, Speed, Teleport and Block

An additional spell named as Firewall is also available as an in-app purchase. However, I doubt anyone is going to buy it since it’s almost impossible to find it. To use it, you’ll have to go to the Custom Game menu and choose a tiny book icon to buy it. Further, there is zero description about the new spell anywhere in the game. How am I supposed to know what it does?

Wizard Wars is incredibly ideal for situations where you have a few minutes to spare like in subway or boring lectures, etc.

What’s Missing

While the basic gameplay is pretty addictive, better visuals and sound effects could have definitely helped the game. Further, I wish the game was playable on two different devices instead of one. Considering how simple the graphics are, I’m pretty sure such an implementation is very much possible even over Bluetooth.

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Download it!

Interestingly, the game requires not a single permission to be installed. Wizard of Wars is available as a free game on the Play Sore. Go ahead and download it.

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