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EagleGet is a Clean, Robust Download Manager and Video Grabber for Windows

January 24th, 2013 by

There has often been dearth of simple yet effective download managers for Windows. While we do have feature packed contenders like Free Download Manager or Internet Download Manager, those who would prefer something simpler yet robust are left with fairly limited choice. We have a new entry which seemingly promises to fill this void.

Meet EagleGet Downloader

EagleGet boasts of fewer features than it’s renowned competitors, which is a good thing in a way if you aren’t a geek. Here is a quick run down of EagleGet’s feature list.

eagleget downloader ui

  • Simplistic, clean and intuitive design Special brownie points for this, EagleGet finally takes a very different approach from most of the desktop browsers which tend to be more of wild beasts when it comes to UI and actually delivers a very clean, UI. You can start using EagleGet pretty much in your sleep and never get lost. I unfortunately can’t say the same about IDM or FDM.

eagleget video downloader

  • Inbuilt YouTube video grabber. Hell yeah. Something that works really well not only with Firefox but also with Internet Explorer! EagleGet goes beyond being just another YouTube video downloader and lets you download videos from any imaginable video hosting site with just a hover and click on the video. I tried this feature out in plenty of sites and can just reassure that it “just works” (albeit a bit tacky). Bonus: You can of course download YouTube HD videos
  • Fast File Downloader Although, the host site goes so far as to claim that EagleGet accelerates downloads upto six times (which is pure gimmickry obviously), I will give it to them that the downloader works very well and is almost always faster than inbuilt browser downloads.

browser integration eagleget browser

  • All mundane features that you would need Pause and resume which actually works, clipboard integration, browser monitoring, threaded downloading, support for proxies, shutdown after download completion, speed limiting for downloads. Pretty much everything that you would need in a standard downloader for Windows. While EagleGet definitely would not compare upto IDM or even FDM, it definitely is not lacking in anyway for a normal user
  • Free as in completely free. It did not insist me to install any toolbars, nor to change any default search engine. Heck there is not even a “EagleGet Pro Plus” version. Which kinda makes me wonder about their business model, but then, we don’t care much do we?

Download Notifications: Really Well implemented

Who would sit staring at a Download Manager after all? Perhaps that’s what the developers over EagleGet thought, when they implemented the excellent download task monitor and notifications.

eagleget taskmonitor

Enabled by default, you can monitor all your downloads through the tiny little task monitor on the desktop which shows the download speeds and number of active jobs. On a hover you can see the percentage completion of downloads in a small popup and on a double click you are led to EagleGet’s main window.

eagleget notificationsBut that’s nothing unique. What actually impressed me was this neat little popup on download completion which saves a lot of time and doesn’t intrude your workflow when you are in middle of quintessential work on your system. Neat.

So far so good, but definitely far from perfect

EagleGet works really well for a new downloader on Windows and is surprisingly reliable. It’s not uncommon to witness download resume feature fail to work in many browser, which was not at all the case with EagleGet. As mentioned earlier the speeds are nowhere near 6 times faster as claimed, but noticeably snappier than browser downloads.

If you face problems integrating EagleGet with Google Chrome, please follow the steps mentioned on this page.

Thankfully, EagleGet works without any major fuss with Firefox and Internet Explorer, although I wished the Download button for videos in these browsers would appear more quickly. Also I found a teeny bit of wasted space in the main UI.

Brushing aside these minor issues, EagleGet is a fairly solid downloader and definitely is worth keeping if you want a simple and reliable downloader for Windows.

Download: Eaglet Downloader for Windows [2.4 MB]

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  1. Mayer

    Thank you for your review! I'm really happy that you can enjoy EagleGet! EagleGet can be integrated into Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you find EagleGet browser plugin not work properly in some cases, please follow the below steps. I'll link your review in EagleGet homepage. :)

    1. Ganesh

      Hi You are welcome :D Btw, please note that your method of installing chrome .crx extension manually for EagleGet Chrome integration didn't work. Chrome doesn't allow installing extensions outside it's webstore afaik. If I am wrong please correct me :)

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