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Tip: Find the IMEI Number of a Lost Android Phone Using Your Google Account

May 1st, 2013 by

Finding the IMEI number of an Android phone is a very easy job. All it requires is a lookup in its setting page or by dialing *#06#. But what if the phone is lost and you no longer have access to it? Here’s a small (but important) tip that might come in handy to everyone.

If you had ever added your Google account to the phone at least once, you can find your IMEI number in your Google account’s dashboard under Android devices, by clicking on the ‘More data stored about this device’ link.

find imei number android without phone

It also shows the dates on which your account was first added to the phone and the last activity was seen, in case if it helps you in any way.

The dashboard is a sort of a database that holds every single data that Google knows about you — Android devices that you’ve used, search and location activity, apps on your phone, Chrome bookmarks, Contacts, docs, etcetera.

Explore your dashboard, it’s full of useful data. And you might find something interesting too.

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