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[Review] Yahoo Weather App for iPhone

May 31st, 2013 by

iPhone has seen plenty of changes since it’s launch back in 2007. Not only the hardware but the software on the phone has come by leaps and bounds. No wonder iPhone has been probably the hottest property in the tech verse for the past six years. However, few apps have remained constant like the pole star as everything around them has seen metamorphosis of some sort. The default weather application is one of them.

Yahoo Weather_1

Weather application must be one of the most used apps on the iPhone  and apart from adding a weather notification in the notification center Apple has not really tinkered a lot with the application. In steps, Yahoo Weather, an interesting new application that lets you view weather on your iPhone in a unique way. Should Yahoo Weather be your go to app for weather information over the default iPhone application? Read our views of the application here.

What is Yahoo Weather All About?

Yahoo Weather is a neat application that offers a clean full screen interface to view the weather information against backdrops of your locations pulled from the popular image sharing site, Flickr. In short, that is what the application brings to the table. But, it is the neat cut UI of the application that really sets it apart from other weather applications out there.

Yahoo Weather_2

The images from Flickr in the back drop are High Quality images and in our experience, every time we fired up the application, a new image popped up. This may not be the best thing if you are on a very data sensitive plan, but its visually appealing nonetheless.

iPhone default weather app Yahoo Weather_3

Side by side comparison of Default iPhone weather app (l) and Yahoo Weather App(r)

There is a lot of information waiting to be explored in the application. When you fire open the app, you are greeted with the city name on the top and local time of the place just below it. On the left bottom of the screen you get the notification for the current temperature and maximum and minimum temperature expected.

Yahoo Weather App_forecast

On scrolling down, you get the weather Forecast both by the hour and by the day. After the weather forecast there are further details about the weather such as humidity, visibility and the feel temperature as well some important notes. Scrolling further you have Map of the place and Precipitation state at various points during the day.

Yahoo Weather App_pressure and humidity

You can scroll further to check out the wind and pressure condition which details the speed of the wind and the barometer reading. Beyond this, you get the sun rise and the moon rise time alongside the moon shape and current position of the sun on the zenith. There is always a neat animation pretty minimalistic in nature that accompanies the information displayed and it was one of the things that attracted us the most to Yahoo Weather app.

Yahoo Weather App_location add

Not just your current location, you can view this information for any location by simply tapping on the plus icon on the right side of the home tab and entering the city name or the zip pin code. Once you have entered the cities, you can simply swipe across to go from one city weather information to the other from the main screen of the application. The background images change as and when you move to new cities.

Yahoo Weather App_mapYahoo Weather App_temp settingerature

You can also simply tap on the map in the application, to get a full size map of the city and toggle views between wind speed and temperature. You can also toggle the temperature between Degree Celsius or Degree Fahrenheit according to your need.

What’s To Like?

There are a lot of things going for Yahoo Weather application. The images are high quality and from what we experienced, the weather information is close to accurate as well. The font color being white makes sure that you can read the weather notifications comfortably on any background color without having to strain your eyes. The animations are subtle and  are not into your face.

Yahoo Weather App_interface

The weather information on the main screen is in a corner which allows you to have a clear view of the background image. The design works well and is functional and the gestures are smooth. It is extremely easy to find your way around the app as the learning curve here is fairly simple. We did not experience any major battery drain either while running the application in the background.

The Not so Good Bits

Despite having lots of features and things going for it, there are a few drawback in Yahoo Weather application. The first one being stability issues. We did experience a fair few crashes in our day to day usage of the application, and because it is an intensive application and takes time to update, we opted to quickly swipe down the notification center to quickly glance at the weather.

Yahoo Weather settings panel

We would have also liked some way to customize the order of weather data displayed in the application. For example, there should be some way to view the weather forecast on the main screen without having to scroll down. We also missed having a unified screen which would simply show the current temperature of the locations we have added without having to scroll across so we can easily compare temperature of two places. Some more customization on board surely would be welcome.

Can I Set Yahoo Weather as my Default Weather App?

It is indeed possible to set Yahoo Weather as your default weather app. You need to be on a jailbroken device such as jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to be able to do this. Yahooweatherisbetter is the tweak that you need to download to set Yahoo Weather as your default weather application. The Cydia tweak is available for free to download in the BigBoss repo.

yahooweatherisbetter_cydia tweak

Image via: Appadvice

Once you have downloaded the tweak, you could go into the settings of the tweak and switch the re-routing of both the default application as well as the weather notification in the notification bar to Yahoo Weather. This however, will not re-direct Siri to use Yahoo Weather application when you ask it for weather conditions at a particular place.


Overall, Yahoo Weather app is pretty much the best weather application out there for iPhone. Although, the default application also uses weather conditions from Yahoo, we are at a loss of reason why Apple did not implement this application as a default one. We are excited to see what Yahoo will add further to this weather application, maybe a dash of some sort to quickly view the information could be a useful addition.

Yahoo Weather

We really like the application and highly recommend it to all our readers. You can download the application for free by visiting the App Store on the device or visiting the link given below.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the application, feel free to post them in the section below.

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