Adblock Plus on Internet Explorer Now a Reality, Here is How To Try It

Yes, you read that absolutely right. In what would be perhaps a great day for people who would love to use Internet Explorer 9/10 but have been resisting their itch to migrate due to pestering ads littered all over the screen, the day has finally arrived. Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer has finally arrived.

Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer at the moment is in preview stage and only developmental builds are made available. Nevertheless, the coolest part about the package is it’s insane level of compatibility. Adblock Plus is compatible with every Internet Explorer version starting from IE 6!

Installation and Enabling Adblock for IE

The installation is a simple hit-next-run affair after downloading the installer. Note that currently AdBlock Plus ships in two architectures 32 and 64 bits, so you will need to select your appropriate architecture before downloading.


By default AdBlock Plus is not enabled by default. To enable AdBlock Plus after installation just select Manage Addons in the wrench menu. Now just select Adblock Plus and enable it from the entries in Toolbars and Extensions tab in the window.


Managing Adblock

Configuring Adblock is slightly tricky. Preferences for the extension is displayed on a web page which is accessible only by clicking the tiny adblock plus icon on the status bar. As of now, you need to enable the status bar and click the icon to view the settings page.


At the moment you can only select a filter list and whitelist websites where you do want the ads to be displayed.

Some Issues worth noting for the development builds

A bunch of major issues are acknowledged for the current development builds. Some important issues to keep in mind are


  • Adblock Plus process not terminating after closing Explorer
  • Delay of startup by a noticeable margin
  • Ad filters may not work as well as they do for some sites in the extension for Firefox
  • Does not work with Internet Explorer 10 in Metro mode (Metro IE does not support addons)

For the complete list of open issues you can check out this link

However we are very hopeful that these issues will be ironed out gradually with upcoming builds.

Performance and Verdict

As it is mentioned that the adblock rules are slightly different for Internet Explorer than for Firefox / Chrome ,we could often see that there were few ads being displayed in random sites (in Gmail message content for example). But overall, it does a pretty fantastic job of saving your viewing experience from obtrusive ads. We tested it on  Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 10 64 bit and found no additional issues apart from the ones mentioned above.

If you are planning to try something adventurous and willing to give the latest Internet Explorer a spin, make sure you arm it with Adblock Plus before doing so. You may as well stick to Internet Explorer for a change!