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Instagram vs Vine: Battle of Quick Video Sharing Apps

June 29th, 2013 by

Facebook unveiled a short video sharing service on it’s, thus far, only image sharing service, Instagram, in an event held at California. The news about addition of short video service to Instagram was doing rounds for a while and once again the rumour mills were proved correct.

vine vs instagram

It is indeed true that some moments need more than just a static image to come to life and this is where Instagram Video becomes a real handy feature. However, those of you who are app-centric will remember, an app called Vine has similar short video sharing capabilities. Does the introduction of Video on Instagram mean the end of Vine? Or is there something unique about Vine that will still pull the audience? Let’s find out which side does the pointer shifts, as we put the two short video services on the two pans of beam balance.

How Do I even Get Videos on Instagram or Vine?

If you have been using the Instagram app, all you have to do is update the app from the Play Store or Apple’s App Store to the latest version. The version of the application is 4.0 for both Android and iOS. If you do not have Vine or Instagram, then the following are the download links for the two apps in Play Store and App Store.


Play Store: Vine For Android, Instagram for Android

Download: Vine for iOS, Instagram for iOS


Both the apps are free of cost. For Vine, you will need an active Twitter account, wheres for Instagram you can sign in with your Mail account or even using your Facebook credentials. The sign up is super easy and hardly takes any time. Once you sign up, you simply find your friends and follow them.

User Interface Comparison

The UI of Vine and Instagram are fairly similar. In both the apps, you can comment or like on your friends uploads. It is easier on Instagram as simply double tapping the video, you register your like, whereas for Vine you have to click on the small smile icon. You can share the Vine of your friend to Twitter or Facebook or even embed it, while on Instagram you can just Tweet the image or share the URL.

Vine vs Instagram (10) Sign up

You have similar scrolling UI on both apps and they are buttery smooth. Instagram looks a little more clean while Vine has more graphical elements in the app. The green solid bar in Vine takes away screen estate which you believe could be used for having more content on screen. We much prefer the menu bar at bottom like Instagram has done, but it is a matter of personal choice.

Vine vs Instagram (11)_vine home Vine vs Instagram (6)_instagram screen

The UI comes down to user choice, Instagram is simpler, Vine looks more pleasing on the eye.

Vine vs Instagram (16)_Explore Vine vs Instagram (15)_Explore

We like the Explore Tab on Vine a lot more, as you can view the vines picked by editors and the ones that are most popular. You also get trending tags which is useful unlike Instagram where Explore window is a mere collection of most liked Images or Videos. We like having more options that Vine gives.

Vine vs Instagram (17)_profile Vine vs Instagram (18)_profile

The Profile page is again fairly similar with Vine picking up your biographical details from twitter whereas Instagram allows you to edit your profile and set up a Profile Picture. However, you can go into settings of Vine and edit your Biography and Display Picture if you want to. You can link both the apps to your Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook, however, Instagram allows you to connect to apps like Tumblr, Flickr and  Foursquare too.

Vine vs Instagram (20)_social network Vine vs Instagram (7)_social network

There is little to nothing to pick between the interfaces or design of the two applications and although we personally prefer Instagram, it just may be down to the fact that it is an older application and we have gotten used to it.

Feature Comparison

When it comes down to features, Instagram magic really comes to the fore. The application allows you to upload up to fifteen seconds of Video clip as compared to six seconds that Vine allows. Instagram has also bought thirteen brand new filters for it’s Video sharing feature which have been designed from ground up. There are no such filters on Vine, and we have to admit that these filters do help make the videos look good.

Vine vs Instagram (2)_filters

Instagram, unlike Vine also brings the ability to delete the last recorded clip in the video which is a handy feature. Both the apps record videos in square aspect ratio which means you can use your device in landscape and portrait mode.

Vine vs Instagram (1)_delete clips

Instagram only allows you to delete only the most recent clip, not just any clip from the recorded video

Vine vs Instagram (21)_recording screen Vine vs Instagram (8)_recording screen

recording screen of Vine on the left and Instagram on the right

The recording in both the apps is fairly simple and you take your hand off the recording button to pause the recording in case of Instagram and capturing screen in case of Vine. However, the Recording Stabilisation in Instagram called Cinema really makes a difference when the videos are viewed. Instagram also allows users to select the cover image for their videos which are basically stills from the recorded clips.

Vine vs Instagram (3)_cover

Another key difference is that in Vine the videos are looped automatically whereas in case of Instagram, there is no loop and you can also switch the videos off from playing back instantly. This is really useful as it prevents excessive data usage for those who are on limited 3G plans. However for those who like watching the videos over and over again, then Vine is pretty much perfect.

Our Verdict!

Both the applications bring very similar feature sets to the table. Instagram being an already established network has a massive advantage in terms of users and following. Add to it, that you can share images on Instagram and you pretty much have a sewn winner. This does not mean Vine is bad, you can understand it has its place for those who love simplicity and looping videos. Dare we say, Vines are likely to compete with Gifs rather than Instagram Videos. The writing on the wall is clear, Vine has to come up with newer features and more innovative ideas if it has to stay alive in the competition.

While that happens though, we will find ourselves a cup of coffee to upload on Instagram and Vine. Do let us know which of the two services do you prefer in the comments section below.

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