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VLC Player Returns for iOS Devices after Two Years

July 24th, 2013 by

VLC Player has been synonymous with Video Playback on Windows and Mac for what seems like an eternity now. The application though was briefly available for iOS was taken down. After a period of two years though, the most famous video player is back on iOS and this time, hopefully is here to stay.

VLC Player for iOS6

So, what does VLC Player brings to iOS and what are the different features available in the application? Let’s look at them as we dissect the qualities and the shortcoming of VLC Player for iOS.

Availability of VLC Player for iOS

Download: VLC Player for iOS Devices from iTunes Store here 

In case you get an error message saying that the application is not available in the Indian Store, simply search for ‘VLC for iOS’ in the store on your iPhone or iPad.

VLC for IOS App

The application measures about 16.7 MB and is version 2.0.1. You must be sporting an iPhone 3GS and above and iOS 5.1 or later for the application to be supported. Needless to say, the app is available for free.

What does VLC Player bring?

We have had a frustrating time with converting Video file formats on iOS for them to be able to play right from the default app. However, with VLC, just like the player for desktop, you can simply play pretty much every format of videos without bothering to convert them to a particular format.

VLC for IOS 3 screen

What’s more is that VLC is completely an open source project and you can expect lot of good stuff to be added.

To simply put it, VLC Player for iOS allows you to play videos in just about any format on your iPad or iPhone

Features and the good stuff

You simply need to connect your device to your desktop which runs the latest version of iTunes to be able to transfer video content from your computer to your iPhone or iPad. Once you connect your device and fire up iTunes, select the Apps tab after you have selected your connected device and scroll all the way down to check out the VLC app under the File Sharing apps.

VLC Player on iTunes

You now simply have to add files to the device by clicking on ‘Add’. You can also do the reverse. In case you want to save a media file stored on the device in VLC app and want to save it to your system, you can select the file and then click on Save To.

VLC Player wireless trnasfer

Not just this, you can also wirelessly transfer the files to your device. To do this, simply fire the application on your iPhone, for example, and click on the small VLC icon on the top left side and click on toggle to on ‘Wi-Fi Upload’.

VLC Player upload

Now, simply enter the address in your browser on the computer where the video file is located. Once you enter the address, you have a simple interface to upload the file to VLC.

VLC for IOS features

You can also link your Dropbox to your VLC app and auto add the video files from there. You also have added options to open network streams or download videos from a web server built right into the app.

VLC for lock

You also have an option to put in a password lock by going into ‘Settings’ in the application. You also have the option to keep the audio payback in background, in case you minimise the application.

VLC for IOS player

In the player windows, you can also change the aspect ratio of the video from 4:3 to 16:9. You can also change the color saturation in the video and that is a very handy feature. Just like the desktop version of the app, you can play around with the playback speed.

What is not to Like about VLC for iOS?

Although the VLC app is really intuitive for iOS, where the app really lacks is supporting the audio files. It would have been pretty much perfect had we been able to add in .mp3 files to the app and it could play them too. We added the .mp3 apps and they simply did not show up in the list of available playable files.

VLC Player for iOS only mp3

Although files did show up in iTunes, they did not play on the device which was kind of a bummer. We hope, this issue will be resolved in the future updates. ANother feature we missed was the in app screenshot taking capability of VLC app. Ye, this can be worked around by using the default action to take screenshot, but a button on screen would have been handy.


Simple to say that VLC for iPhone is the best video player you can have, especially for free. The likes of GPlayer are viable alternatives, but the VLC app has a neater UI and things work well. Although we could not really test airplay on the app due to lack of Apple TV, we believe the app should be able to do that without much issue. Yet, if we do get a chance we would try and get back with the results.

Till then, if you have any queries regarding VLC for iOS, do not hesitate to ask them in the section below.

Edit: We have received an update to the VLC Player taking the version to 2.0.2 which promises to decode and play MP2 and MP3.

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