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iPhone Camera Taking Ages to Fire Up?: Here is a quick solution

August 5th, 2013 by

The debates are long, drawn and boring, but without hurting anybody’s sentiments, iPhones are probably the best devices to pick if you want a complete package when picking a phone that would stay good for a while. Or should we say, almost a while. Simply because as the time passes on, you do start getting little glitches and issues in devices and iPhones are no different.


Having used just about every version of iPhone, since the release, the team at TechSplurge has always faced an issue that with time, the camera on all the units tend to get slower. They take more than a second to fire up and occasionally it is a long halt till the device stores an image after the shutter button has been triggered.

So what can you do? The solution here is pretty simple.

Possible Solutions

The easiest solution obviously is to format the device by resetting it all, and start from the scratch. But most of us do not like that option as it takes a lot of time plus losing the data is never in the good books of anyone. So, if you cannot afford to restart the device, you can try and do the following step by step.

iphone Camera

If this has become a regular sight, then you must try the solution below

Step 1:

Take off and delete the images you do not think are important from the ‘Camera Roll’ folder.

Step 2:

Once you are done with that, connect your device to the PC/Mac you use and sync the images from your Camera Roll to your computer, as a result you will now have a folder called ‘Camera Roll’ on your PC.

Step 3:

Now, go to the folder on your computer and make a copy of the synced folder somewhere else.

Step 4:

Once you have done that, simply sync the new folder to your device so that pictures start to appear in a folder other than the ‘Camera Roll’

Step 5:

After doing this, disconnect your device and clear out the entire Camera Roll, leaving nothing there.

The instructions are pretty simple and you would be extremely surprised how well this trick works. The bottom line for doing this process is to make space in the Camera Reel folder which is required for the phone to save the images into. If that is cluttered up, there is a fat chance little operations such as firing up the camera or even saving pictures after they have been shot may take a while.

What if this doesn’t work?


If the above steps don’t work for you then you can try two different solutions:

  • Purchase a third party Camera app such as Camera+.
  • Try out a Cydia Tweak such as Kamera which enables you to launch the camera app from the Notification center instead of the springboard icon.

So, this has been a quick set of instructions you may apply to your iPhone in case it takes ages to launch the Camera application. if you have any doubts regarding the steps we have mentioned please feel free to write in to us in the section below.

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