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Quick hands on with Gionee E6

August 12th, 2013 by

The popular saying in marketing goes, more the choice in market, better it is for the consumer. This is perfectly true when it comes to smart phone OEMs. As the whole world races to go digital in every possible sense, there is literally a flood of options when it comes to picking a smart phone. However, this choice has been considerably widened, thanks to some of the Chinese companies making serious inroads into Indian Market.

Gionee E6-2127Now before you accuse of having totally lost it, some of these Chinese products are surprisingly good, not just in terms of look, but also in durability and ergonomics. One such upcoming OEM that is making quite a name is Gionee.

Gionee E6-2121We had the privilege of visiting the Gionee office here in Delhi where they allowed us some time with their new and upcoming flagship device Gionne E6. It was an unofficial visit and we are thankful to Gionee for allowing us to take a few pictures of the device and showing us the device, which is still very much in testing phase here. Under written are some of our initial impressions of the device and details about the Gionee E6.

This is by no means a review of the device since the unit we used was a pre-production one

The Device Feels Premium

One of the obvious challenges that the team at Gionee is facing is the tag of being a Chinese company and the existing prejudices against the clan of devices. However, the E6 is a refreshing change from plastic goods that the Asian country has known to produce.

Gionee E6-2124Make no mistake, the Gionee E6 is still a plastic phone, but it feels good in the hand. The edges are sharp, straight, yet rounded. The phone has straight contours and is flat. This is not the worst thing on the planet because the phone does not dangle all over when placed on flat surface.

Gionee E6-2109Gionee E6 next to HTC One

The volume rocker on the right, and sim tray on the left have a metallic finish. The power button is on the top and is still difficult to reach with one hand given the big size of the device. The back of the display is either glossy or matted finish depending on the variant you pick. The white variant is glossy while the black one is matte. We got to play with both the devices, but we have to say, we like the white one better. Though the device was a confidential one so we were not allowed pictures.

Gionee E6-2119iPhone 5 on top of Gionee E6

The front of the device is dominated by the 5 inch full HD display. The speakers are at the bottom of the device and there is a neat LED for notifications alert, located at the top right face of the device.

The device will run Android version 4.2.2 at release

The Device Reminds us of MIUI

The Gionee E6 has a lot of features from MIUI ROM. The icons look very similar and you have the same UI. Gionee are calling it Amigo, but it does take away a very important asset of Android device, placing widgets. You cannot place widgets in Amigo. However, if you do change your launcher, you get the ability.

Gionee E6-2128There are also a few themes that are built in, and there is this one particular one that reminds us of Symbian icons. We are sure, there will be several more of these themes coming in.

Gionee E6-2137Gionee also told us that they have inbuilt a system in the phone that allows to send error logs of malfunctioning apps, and users can easily call up their call centers too if they face issues with bad app behavior. Pretty cool that.

Some more findings

The full HD Screen on the Gionee E6 is pretty sweet. We watched a couple of Youtube videos in the office of Gionee and things look good. There was a hint of bluish tint in the display, which we kept on pointing out. However, since the device is in production and testing phase still, the team themselves assured us the final quality would be better.

Gionee E6-2133The sound output was loud and clear, and since the speakers are placed at the bottom of the device, we could keep the phone on it’s back and still listen to the music unscruffed. Gionee also told us the charger with the device would be a uniquely designed single block with glass finish. Though, we did not get the chance to check the charger, we sure are excited for it.

Gionee E6-2125The product Manager also told us that the device will come with a cool snap on case for the back, they have no plans to do the flip cases cause it takes away by covering the beautiful screen of the device. We obviously did not check the outdoor display of the phone, as we were not allowed to take the device outside the premises.

Overall Thoughts

We liked what we saw with the Gionee E6. Yes, it was a pre production device but it worked surprisingly well. We would have definitely liked a little more bulk on the device cause it definitely feels very light to be true. You can basically think of the device to be an Xperia Z without the glass and extra bulk and dare we say better display.

Gionee E6-2115However, we will not make any confirmed conclusions, as that would simply not be fair. Till we get the final device in hands, we only would like to wish Gionee the best and thank them for their kind hospitality.

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