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Seven Little known features of iOS 7

August 28th, 2013 by

iOS 7 is just about ready to go all out to the public, and if the tech reports are to be believed then it may happen as early as September 10th. iOS 7 Beta 6 definitely is a great improvement on other betas and dare we say, it looks very much like a public released OS. Apart from a few bugs here and there, things are good and that is why we would not be surprised if we have the gold master edition sooner than most expected it.

iOS 7 Features 44However, iOS 7 is such a mega jump from iOS 6, that some of the knitty gritty small features get overlooked for the big ones that are very obvious. However, we firmly believe that it is the small features that actually make an OS usable or unusable. So, here is a list of some of the features you perhaps did not know existed in iOS 7. Do try them out in case you are running iOS 7.

Close Three Apps at Once

One of the major complains we have had with Smart Phone OS’, be it Android, Windows or iOS has been the inability to close more than one app from the multi-tasking window. Yes, in Android you can use a task killer and kill all the apps, but not from the multi-task window. However, in iOS 7, you can close as many as three apps at once. Although this is not the perfect solution, yet it is better than having to close every app one by one if you are a power user and having at least 12-15 apps running at a time.

ios 7 features 78This means, in four strokes you can close all the apps instead of swiping up 12 times. To do this is simple; just open the multitasking window by double tapping the home button. The apps line up like cards, place your three fingers on the three apps that you want to close and simply swipe up. Boom, the three apps are gone.

Prevent Apps from Refreshing in background

Another drawback of iOS 6 was that there was no way to prevent apps from refreshing and hogging your data when in background. This meant battery use as well as data being wasted, and for those who have data caps like most of us in India this was a disaster and the only way out was to turn data off. However, with iOS 7 you can prevent apps from refreshing in background, so unless you give special permission to the app to refresh when not active, they wont.

iOS 7 Features 1To turn off auto refresh in background, head over to settings, go to general and there you will see the option of Background App Refresh, simply turn this off. Apps such as weather, stocks, maps and Google Now would not refresh now in the background, and surely more apps will be added to the list as they will get optimized for iOS 7.

Turn Noise Cancellation on or off

Although most of us do not like noise in the background when talking on the phone, sometimes, it does become important to have the noise seeping in, especially when you want someone to believe that you are in a very noisy background and cannot talk.

iOS 7 Features 4To turn off noise cancellation, open settings, and in general go to Accessibility. There you will see the option of Phone Noise Cancelation and you can turn that on or off based on what you prefer

Change the size of text on iPhone

Android has had this feature for a while, but finally you can change the size of font within the applications. This feature is not available in apps apart from system apps as of now, simply because apps have not been optimized for iOS 7, but once that happens you can easily play with the font size in the apps. As a result of this you can have more text on the screen if you choose a smaller font size or greater legibility in case you choose bigger fonts.

iOS 7 Features 5To change the size of fonts, go to settings, and in general, you will see text size, simply move the slider around to pick the size of the font that you prefer.

Turn off Parallax Effect on Wallpapers

When iOS 7 was shown off, one of the features that really caught the eye was the whole parallax effect in the wallpapers. This meant that wallpapers moved every time the phone was moved around. This meant gyroscope of the device being on all the time to capture and detect motion and lead several experts to be asking questions about possible battery drain.

iOS 7 Features 3However, this effect can be turned off, and although, not great, but we did experience a little improvement in the battery performance of iOS 7 when we turned parallax off. To do this, go to settings, go to accessibility and from there, you need to pick the option of Reduce Motion, just click there and turn it off. Although you do lose a cool feature, but, anything for a gain in battery life.

 Check the time of delivery of Messages

iOS 7 has a real neat UI, but in making things neat and minimalistic, a fair few features have been given the boot. No more do we have the ability to see the exact time a message was received on iMessage.

iOS 7 Features 22However, if that is important to you, all you need to do is swipe the message to the left, and there you have the time right there.

Turn off Control Center access in apps

Control Center is another cool feature of iOS 7, as you have several important toggles there, which make things accessible faster. However, if you ae planning a game such as temple run or any other game, which requires you to swipe up, then this can be pretty irritating as this gesture would activate control center.

iOS 7 Features 33But thankfully you can turn this off. To do this, all you need to do is go to settings, and from there pick control center. Here you can disable to access to Control Center within the apps or even on the lockscreen.


So these have been seven features of iOS 7 that you may not have known so far. We are sure, more of these would be added as the final version of iOS 7 is rolled out. In case, you have some more of such iOS 7 features, let us know in the section below.

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