10 Beautiful HD iPhone 4 Wallpapers for your Desktop

iPhone 4, launched at the WWDC, June 7, can only be described with the word ‘Gorgeous’. Apart from its powerful features, it looks really beautiful. So why not make it as your desktop wallpaper?

Here’s a compilation of some coolest Phone 4 wallpapers. Its only 1 week since it was announced so I couldn’t gather the best ones, but I’m sure you will like them:

(Click on the Images to view them in full Size)

1. By ArtHermit

iPhone 4 Wallpaper by ArtHermit

2. By djeric

iPhone4 Wallpaper by djeric

3. By xrecent

iPhone 4 Eallpaper by xrecent

4. By skyhook525

iphone 4 wallpaper by skyhook525

5. By S4ry

iPhone OS 4 Wallpaper by S4ry

6. By iGianni

iPhone 4 Wallpaper by iGianni

7. By xrecent

iPhone 4 Wallpaper by xrecent

8. By ulrikstoch

iPhone4 Wallpaper by ulrikstoch

9. By MarkFinn

iPhone 4 Wallpaper by MarkFinn

10. By Unknown

I don’t remember where I found this. But this one was awesome and I couldn’t resist myself adding it to this post although its an image of iPhone 3GS and not iPhone 4.

iPhone 3GS Wallpaper

Did you like them?