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Top 5 Free Plugins to Backup Your Blog to Cloud Storage

June 17th, 2010 by

If you have a blog then you must know that it is very important to backup your blogs frequently.

If you don’t do it then you are letting your blog slip towards big danger. What if you were updating one of your files without creating any backup or your web host was doing a regular maintenance and things went wrong leaving you (and your readers) Error Messages. Things could worsen if it leads to loss of important posts!

There are few wordpress plugins which let you backup your wordpress database to an online cloud storage . The best part? They are free:

1. IDrive

IDrive WordPress Plugin

IDrive is probably the best plugin you’ll find for your wordpress blog. It’s an easy to use backup utility, designed specifically to backup WordPress blog data into your IDrive online backup account. It provides scheduled backups (which occur after 12 midnight every day) as well as immediate backup of WordPress blog data including files and MySQL database dump.

It gives you 2GB Space for free (you can buy more if you wish) and automatic notification via email on backup / restore status.

More Info: IDrive Plug-in for WordPress

2. Online Backup for WordPress

The Online Backup for WordPress plugin by Backup Technology offers you 3 backup options as well as a smart scheduling feature to ensure your information is always kept safe.

They offer 50 MB free space on their servers and a host of other features including such as:

  • locked backups
  • backup to email
  • compression
  • encryption
  • scheduling and
  • demand backup

More Information Here

Download it Here

3.WordPress Automatic Online Backup

This plugin, from, provides you free online space to store your backups. You just need to create an account on the sit and connect your blog with the wbp via a key.

Your data will be backed up every few hours in a sql-export format which you can download at any time. The site will hold the last 5 mb of archived backups (equivalent of about 30-60 mb worth of unarchived exports).

If needed, data privacy is assured by two 32-character “passwords” using AES as the algorthm which are very secure.

It provides very less space so its recommended that you try other options such as IDrive if you have a big blog.

More Info: WordPressBackup

4. Vault Docs

This Handy plugin offers you kinda different service than other plugins. It doesn’t backup your posts from your database, instead, it makes backup to Google Docs!

The plugin is still in beta stage so you can expect more features to come in the future

Get it Here: Vault Docs

5. DropBox Sync

This is not actually a backup plugin but it can really help you. It lets you synchronoize all your images from your blog posts to Dropbox. All images then will load from Dropbox decreasing bandwidth and increase loading times.

Get it Here: DropBox Sync

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  1. Mayur

    Nice and helpful post, will give it a try. Currently, I manually download images at months end using FTP and get backup of database via email using WordPress Database Backup plugin. Also, you theme looks cool now! :)

    1. Saket - Post author

      You are using a good host so you don't have to worry. But I have experienced the situation when your host gets hacked and all of your images and posts are gone, happened with my other blog (closed now) By the way, Thanks for the compliment ^_^

  2. Mariah Ebesu

    Many thanks for the excellent variety with plugins, i have a number of favourites to, including the all known "All IN SEO "and also the easy privacy policy and also SEO friendly images (got some excellent results with it)and last but not least pretty links (great for cloacking) affiliate links...

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