How to Access Hidden Wallpapers on OSX Mavericks

One of the major surprises of the recently concluded Apple events was the free upgrade to OSX Mavericks. It was widely speculated that upgrading to the California theme based Mavericks would cost $19.99, but it was a nice rabbit that Apple pulled out of their magic hat. The update to Mac OSX Mavericks promises to improve the performance of your Mac which is a reason enough to upgrade. Whenever a new OS update it released, there are always a few hidden gems that are to be discovered and OSX Mavericks is no different.

Mac-OS-X-Mavericks-Logo-1024x542Although, we are still exploring the OS ourselves, but we did stumble across something was really cool. There are 43 wallpapers, that are hidden inside OSX which do not show up when you go and try to find them from the normal regular method in Desktop and Screensaver. It may not be a huge deal, because we usually set our personal favorite pictures as the wallpapers, but there are some really good images which you would actually like.

It is pretty simple to access these wallpapers, simply follow the steps listed below in the order and you have a new collection of wallpapers for yourself.

Step 1:

Hidden Wallpapers in MavericksGo to the main Desktop of your Mac and hit Cmd+Shift+G which will activate the ‘Go’ window of Finder.

Step 2:

Hidden Wallpapers in Mavericks1Type in the following command in the window: “/Library/Screen Savers/Default Collections/

Step 3:

Hidden Wallpapers in Mavericks2Click ‘Go’ which would open the Window which contains four folders that have wallpapers. You can pick from National Geographic, Aerial, Cosmos and Natural patterns folders which obviously have wallpapers pertaining to that category.


Hidden Wallpapers in Mavericks3That is it, you can easily pick the wallpaper you wish from these folders and with a simple right click and then selecting Services and from there setting the image as your wallpaper.

We hope to find several such hidden gems in OSX Mavericks and will definitely bring them to you on Techsplurge. If you have any doubts, or questions, do not hesitate to write in to us.