Organize your Photos with Photoful on iOS 7

iOS 7 has bought with it some very interesting changes. One of the most obvious ones have been the way photos app has been revamped. Now, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to organizing your pictures. However, there are still certain shortcomings when it comes to organizing pictures in iOS. One app that aims to help you set your pictures is Photoful.


What is the App About?

Photoful is a beautiful app which relies on gestures to  organize and share your pictures the easy way. The app, in a way is the default gallery with enhancements and takes the whole experience a level up. Photoful is incredibly easy to use and a UI that is pretty familiar if you have used the default gallery app.

Photoful_41The app has some really interesting feature, and let’s look at each of them one by one.

Pinch to Zoom In or Out of your Photos

You can easily Zoom into the pictures to see pictures from a particular date and zoom out to have a nice and neat overview of all the pictures that are saved in your iOS device. You need to provide the application permission initially and once it can access pictures, they are all imported automatically and set.

The Pictures are Automatically Aligned Datewise

Photoful_42All the pictures in your gallery are automatically arranged datewise. This is done in a fashion with the most recent picture right on the top and the rest follows. So, although this is a useful way of arranging pictures, if you are the sort who do not take a lot of pictures, the white space left blank on the screen can be a bit frustrating.

Otherwise, the arrangement is pretty great and you can find pictures easily.

Add Useful Tags to Pictures to organize pics

Photoful_43Apple introduced tags in Mavericks and you got to believe they will find their way soon to iOS too. Till then, Photoful has you covered. You can add tags to your pictures and can then check the pics out relating to a particular tag. For example, some of the tags that are present by default are, family, food, friends, me etc. You can obviously add in tags of your own. By clicking on the Tag icon on the top right hand of the app, you can add in the tags as well as create new ones. This is a really handy way to quick search your pictures if your gallery is of plenty of pictures.

Create Albums

Photoful_40You can also create an entire album from the app for pictures and share the entire album with your friends. It is another sweet way of organizing your picture. You can also change the date which is the default title of every album and use something more relevant. This is especially useful when you have taken plenty of pictures at a particular event. Say, you had a wedding to attend on January 19th, you can easily change all the pictures name to ‘xxx’s wedding’ instead of just the date to know what each picture stands for.

Pull Pictures to either Delete or Share

Photoful_46You can pull each picture in either direction to trigger an action. Swiping a picture towards the right opens the option to share the picture. You can share the pictures via several third party apps too including Whatsapp, Tumblr and Dropbox. This is a distinct advantage over the default photo gallery that allows you to share pictures with few apps only.

Swiping a picture to the left opens the option to delete the picture. For some reason, we really liked the delete animation on the application.

Send More than 5 Pictures via E-Mail

Photoful_52This has been one of the long standing complains of ours from iOS. Why can we not send more than 5 pictures via E-mail? However, this issue is also tackled by Photoful and you can send easily more than five pictures via the default configured E-mail. This for us was one of the best things about the app simply cause, we usually end up mailing a tons of screenshots to our computer from the phone.

More Editing Options as Compared to Default App

Tapping on a picture, allows you to edit the picture and there are some really good editing options available. You can enhance the color, change the focus of the picture, add in instagram style effects, crop the picture, remove red eye, change the orientation, add frames, add text as well as stickers or drawing to the picture which can be really handy. The editing feature on Photoful are fantastic and you may actually do away with lot of post processing on your PC thanks to this.

Concluding Remarks

Photoful_50Photoful as an app really deserves a tiny bit space on your iOS 7 Device. The app does lack a few features such as options to re organize things manually, but the overall picture it paints is very useful. You can try the app yourself and we bet, you will feel this is a good extension to the default iOS 7 gallery.

Download: You can download the app for free from the App Store here

If you have any questions regarding the app, do feel free to ask us in the section below or on our Social Networking Profiles.