6+ Free eBook Readers for your Android

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Several eBook reader apps have jumped into the Android Market but only few of them are good. In this post I will be listing all the best eBook Readers you can get for your Android Smartphone. If you think I have missed something, then do let me know about it by leaving a comment :)



1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle App for Android

The highly anticipated Amazon Kindle eBook Reader for Android has just been released and its getting great reviews from users. It brings hundreds of thousands of books to the fastest growing smartphone platform. Its UI is pretty much similar to the iPhone/iPad version.

  • This app does support publisher-set fonts but adjustment of the text options within Kindle for Android are limited. Typefaces cannot be changed, but there are five different text sizes and three different text themes — black-on-white, inverted white-on-black & sepia tone.
  • It automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations between devices with Whispersync.
  • You can also view the annotations you created on your Kindle, computer, or other Kindle-compatible device.

You can Download this App by Searching “Kindle” in the Android Market. More Info: Amazon Kindle for Android

2. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Reader is probably one of the best reader for Android you will find. It has awesome interface, using a cover browser on wooden library shelves, just as iBooks app for the iPhone or iPod.

  • You can browse through the huge catalogs of eBooks or you can also import your own ePub files
  • It has multiple methods of turning pages and a great night mode too.
  • There is a premium edition too but there’s not much differences in features as compared to the free version. But if you like the app, I would recommend you supporting the developer team by buying the premium version :)

You can Download this App by Searching “Aldiko ” in the Android Market. More Info: Aldiko

3. Kobo

Kobo eBook reader for Android

Kobo eBooks is another great reader. It has a vast gallery of over 2 million books available for purchase and more than thousands of free books.

  • It requires you to register for a free account which is an easy task. Once created, you can read your favorite book on any device like tablets, netbooks or any other device that Kobo supports.
  • Cons: Lack of ability to bookmark and the eBooks are much expensive as compared to to other ebook services

You can Download this App by Searching “Kobo ” in the Android Market. More Info: Kobo for Android

4. FBReader

FBReader eBook Reader for Android FBReader eBook Reader for Android

FBReader ebook reader has multiple page-turn options and a great night mode. You can click on the links in the text for footnotes and can store books wherever you like on your SD Card, two features which you won’t find in Aldiko.

  • It doesn’t search online catalogs directly, but if you browse to feedbooks.mobi and click on an ePub link, it will automatically download and import into FBReader.
  • It supports ePub, oeb and fb2(.zip) formats.
  • Cons: Once you click a link, there’s no reading history to get you back to the main book text. You have to create a bookmark before going to read a footnote/endnote. Once the footnote is read, you have to go back to the bookmark to continue reading.

You can Download this App by Searching “FBReader” in the Android Market. More Info FBReader Official Site

5. WordPlayer

wordplayer ebook Reader for Android wordplayer ebook Reader for Android

WordPlayer eBook Reader app has some nice features such as page navigation, bookmarking and much more such as:

  • You can easily change the text size, background and text color, or font. You can even set WordPlayer to turn pages with a flick of your wrist.
  • If you want to highlight a particular Passage, then it can be done with a touch of the screen
  • It also has Text to Speech feature so it can read out the passages for you if you are too lazy to read it 😀

You can Download this App by Searching “WordPlayer ” in the Android Market. More Info WordPlayer Official Site

6. Wattpad

wattpad ebook reader for Android

Wattpad ebook reader for Android

Wattpad has a great gallery of over 1,00,000+ ebooks which you browse from and all of them are Free. I have used this app on many devices each running on a different OS and its a great app. You can download ebooks directly from the website or by obtaining a “wattcode” for a particular book from the Wattpad mobile site. Entering the code in the reader will download the book.

You can Download this App by Searching “Wattpad ” in the Android Market.

Some other good eBook readers that you may wish to try:

7. MultiReader (Costs €3.50)

  • Supports pdf, ePub, txt, doc, rtf, ppt
  • Online catalogs: Gutenberg
  • Uses the text-to-speech functionalities of the Android device to speak the text of the eBook. Works with multiple languages as well as several different voice services. In other words, it’s not limited to just the Android speech synthesis system.

You can Download this App by Searching “MultiReader” in the Android Market.

8. Scribd Agent Lite

  • The only client for Scribd. Its a free app, though not specifically eBook oriented, is a nice resource to have. Tthere’s a £2.99 premium version too which comes with upload/publish capabilities.
  • Formats supported: Scribd

You can Download this App by Searching “Scribd Agent Lite ” in the Android Market.

More Info Here

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  1. me says

    Laputa is a nice reader app for Android. It doesn’t have a voice option, but it’s good at what it does. There’s a paid version, but it offers few, if any, discernible benefits over the free one.

  2. Danny says

    Saket, thanks for the write-up!. I like the Kindle for Android for reading on my EVO 3D.

    I also have loved to listen to books on tape, and then on CD, and I can now listen to the Books on MP3 on my Android, but am still having a problem with listening to the books on WMA (that have DRM encoding.) I use NetLibrary and download the WMA files legally from them as a library checkout, but am having difficulties finding a player on Android that plays the WMA DRM encoded files. Any ideas or links on how to correctly do this? I would hate to have to convert my WMA to MP3 and then transfer it over, but if that is the only solution, so be it :)

    With the huge volume of books for the Book Readers like Kindle and Google Books, I thought it would be cool to have a nice Text To Speech (TTS) book reader that could read me a larger selection of books than those on MP3/WMA from NetLibrary. I found Loquendo Susan and love that Text to Speech engine, but finding readers that read the Kindle and Google Books collections with a TTS option, I have not found one yet. Any desire to help out with that type of research?

    Thanks again!

    • Saket says

      Hey Danny, thanks for stopping by. I’ll try my best to solve your problem but since I don’t have my Galaxy S2 right now (have given it for repairing) I won’t be able to tell you anything accurately.

      Umm, Till now I haven’t heard about any app that will do TTS for Kindle or Google Books. Though there are separate apps that can do for ebooks on their collection.
      So I think opening G Books from your PC and then converting it to a music format using a TTS app is an option.
      OR Save the plain text as a PDF file and then hear it on your phone using apps like ezPDF Reader.

      I’ll look further into this as soon as I get my phone back.

  3. sarah says

    i have the htc wildfire and wanta app that downloads free books such as jacqueline wilson, jamila gavin etc ..the apps i tried i have to pay for it..xx

    • andy says

      a lot of books turn up in various formats on most of the download sites I am not endorsing that you should do this of course as I prefer the good old paper cut down a tree version no flare on the screen when reading outside but to each their own

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