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How to take care of Touch ID on your iPhone 5s

January 5th, 2014 by

When the iPhone 5s was released, there were two things that really caught the headlines. The first one was the champagne color that Apple decided to introduce while the other one was the Touch ID which marked the beginning of personalized security sensors in consumer technology in a more commercial manner.

Touch_IDImage Courtesy: Apple Insider

In our time with the iPhone 5s, we found Touch ID to be actually a really useful add on. You do not need to enter your password to unlock your device or buying the apps from the App Store and once you have your finger print registered with the device, it barely takes any time for the device to register the same. However, as we had alluded to in our review too, there are times when Touch ID misbehaves. It does not respond occasionally and that can be pretty irritating. What could be the cause and how to exactly use Touch ID, here is what you should know:

Make sure to Register Correctly:

touchidVia: 9to5Mac

When you get the iPhone 5s for the first time, it really feels like a delicate darling. The device is sleek, pretty and because it costs a bomb, obviously you are bound to take extra bit of care when using it. As a result while registering your fingerprint, there is a chance that you hold the phone too carefully and not register the fingerprint correctly. Make sure to hold the phone casually and the way you normally would when you unlock the device when you register for the finger print.

Remember to Touch the Ring:

touch-id-confirmationVia: Digital Trends

The sensor on the iPhone 5s for fingerprint is located on the ring of the home button. It is easy to mistake that the button itself is the sensor and you may want to avoid touching the ring altogether. However, you could not be more wrong. You must touch the Silver ring, in case of the Silver iPhone 5s to make sure that the print has indeed been registered.

Do not try to Unlock your device when your hands are moist or oily:

oil_handsVia: Patchworkpsychology

Yes, Touch ID is sensitive, and you do not want to be touching it when your hands are dirty or wet. The device does not unlock when your hands are oily and yes, we did try the same. The best advice we can give for this is to use the numeric unlock method instead of waiting for the magic to happen via the Touch ID.

Keep the Phone Clean:

clean iphoneVia: CultofMac

This is an extension of point number 3, but we found that dusty environment really affects the responsiveness of the Touch ID. A dust storm that we were involved in resulted in the Touch ID not working at all. So, please keep the device away from dust and make sure to wipe it clean. There are also a few cases out there that actually can be used, that provide protection from dust and other stuff.

Re-Register the Finger:

touchidsensor2via: Appadvice

Over a period of time, the effectiveness of the Touch ID falls rather dramatically. The best way out of this problem is to delete the old scans and re-register the finger. Magically, this makes your Touch ID as good as brand new and is no issue of lag or the Touch ID not recognizing your finger.


Touch ID is a really good addition to the latest iPhone, however, it does come with its set of flaws. Just like anything introduced for the very first time the Touch ID will only get better with time. However, having used similar sensors on devices like the Atrix 2 or even the HTC One Max, Touch ID does a really commendable job. If you do pay attention to the five points we have mentioned above, you will have absolutely no issues with Touch ID on iPhone 5s.

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