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How to Check if your Snapchat Account Details were Compromised?

January 19th, 2014 by

It is no new occurrence that your account information is compromised by an application. We have seen the likes of Dropbox, Truecaller do the same in the previous few months. The latest to join the list of sin committers is Snapchat.

Snapchat has been a bit of revelation among the youth today. It allows you to photo chat with a person and the images get destroyed in 1 to 10 seconds as set by the users from the servers as well as the devices of the recipient. It is a guilt free way of chatting and that has really caught on with the free and vibrant youth.


However, recently a document that contained about 4.6 Million usernames and phone numbers was leaked account compromising on the account details. Snapchat was quick to accept their mistake and rolled out a fix. This is what Snapchat said on their official blog:

“On New Years Eve, an attacker released a database of partially redacted phone numbers and usernames. No other information, including Snaps, was leaked or accessed in these attacks, We will be releasing an updated version of the Snapchat application that will allow Snapchatters to opt out of appearing in Find Friends after they have verified their phone number. We’re also improving rate limiting and other restrictions to address future attempts to abuse our service.”

The update to the app for both iOS and Android was released, but if you are a finicky person like we are, you would like to know if your account and its details were compromised or not. Here are the two options that you can explore to know about the same:

Option 1:

GS Lookup

The first option is going to GS Lookup and checking if your username was compromised. You need to visit the page on the link given below and enter in your username of Snapchat. If your account was compromised you will see your phone number there with last two digits hidden if the account details were leaked. If your details were not compromised, you will see a message stating that your account is safe.

Option 2:


The other option is for the case if you do not remember your snapchat username that you require for GS Lookup. You can use Snapcheck for this. All you need to do is to visit the page link below and enter in either your Snapchat username or the phone number. Once you do that, if your account has been compromised you will get an alert right then telling you the same. It is incredibly simple, but useful tool.

Concluding Thoughts

It is rather unfortunate that hackers have yet again compromised on your personal information. We do urge all our readers who use snapchat to do try these tools and install the latest updates of the app on their devices to stay safe and keep their data and information private like it is supposed to be.

Like always, if you have any questions or doubts, you can post them in the section below or catch us on our Social Networking sites.

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