11 Greasemonkey Scripts to Make Twitter Better & Faster

Twitter has become immensely popular in a very short period of time and from my personal experience, I know its very addictive. There are several Desktop Twitter Clients like MetroTwit, TweetDeck etc. but if you use the web version, it would be awesome if you could do things in a faster way.

Here are some Greasemonkey Scripts which will save your time by adding tweaks to the Interface and some keyboard shortcuts.

(All of these scripts should work on Firefox, Chrome & Opera. If you come across any problem, tell me about it)

1. Better Twitter

Better Twitter is probably one the best Script for Twitter. It does exactly what its name sounds. It loads pages endlessly when scrolling on the Twitter timeline, it remembers the last tweet that you’ve read and preloads next pages until you reach it, after which preloading stops.

More features:-

  • Tab-completion of friend names when writing updates: for instance, writing “@techsp” and hitting Tab will expand it to “@techsplurge”.
  • When clicked on the “reply” icon on a single tweet page an inline reply form is shown without reloading the page.endless tweets: reply
  • Clicking on the “in reply to …” links fetches and displays the referenced tweet inline without the need of loading a new page.
  • Minified layout when you resize your browser window to a width narrower than Twitter.com layout.
  • Endless Tweets: Minified Layout

  • Displays a Google map on user profiles which have geo coordinates.M/li>
    Endless tweets: Geo Feature
  • A notifier that informs you of updates to this script (checks every 48 hours, available only in Mozilla due to browser same-domain policies)
  • Moreover its also Compatible with GreaseKit (runs well in Safari and Fluid)

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2. Twitter Emoticons

Twitter Emoticons Greasemonkey Script

This simple & sweet plugin replaces text-based emoticons (e.g. :-/) on Twitter with images from Yahoo!

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3. Xpnd.it

xpnd.itXpnd.it! replaces shortened links with un-shortened ones. It Supports more than 500 services are supported like bi.lty, tinyurl, goo.gl, su.pr and many more. Its quite handy to see whats behind an URL before clicking them, specially for those who are serious about their online security 🙂

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4. Google Translate

Google Translate for Twitter - Greasemonkey Script

Google Translate script adds a handy “Translate using Google” button to the list of tools on each status updates so you can easily translate any language in a tweet. Cool Script if you want to talk to people who don’t know your language or you don’t know their language.

The language is automatically detected by Google via their API.

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5. pbtweet

pbtweet Greasemonkey script

The best feature of Pbtweet which I liked was is its inline reply chains to twitter.com. You can see it in the above screenshot.

Plus it adds Infinite scrolling to your timeline, automatically updates it too, “RT/via” style quoting tweet for retweeting and picture tumbnail badges.

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6. Classify Twitter Users

Twitter classify Users

This script calculates what type of twitter user someone is by adding a colored bar at the very top of each twitter user page, telling you the classification by the Followers:following ratio:

  • 1:5 = twittercaster
  • 1:2 = notable
  • 1:1 socially healthy
  • 2:1 newbie or social climber
  • 5:1 twitter spammer.

This script can’t always help you decide whether someone is a spammer or not. I’ve seen many people who have a ratio of more than 1:1 but still their tweets are spammy. But still it will work in most of the cases.

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7. Twitter Trends Explained

Twitter Trends Explained Script using What the Trend?

It often happens when a topic is trending on twitter and you don’t know what is it.

For example, few days back, “Bharat Bandh” became the top trending topic and many people started wondering who is Bharat Bandh and why is he more famous than Cristiano Ronaldo (who was below it in the topics). Actually Bharat Bandh means a Nation-wide Strike which was organized by a Political Party on that day which people misunderstood as a person.

This Plugin Adds a tooltip to each ‘Trending Topic’ to let you know what the trend is all about.

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8. Twitter Sidebar Replies

Sidebar Replies

Twitter Sidebar Replies places replies to a user on the sidebar of their Twitter page. So if you are visiting Our Twitter page (http://twitter.com/techsplurge ), any @techsplurge messages will be placed in the sidebar below his friends. Will also list replies to you if you are on your home page.

You won’t have to open the Mentions Page anymore. Morover, you can reply right from the homepage by clicking on the reply button.

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9. TwittSeven

TwitSevenTwitseven adds several features to Twitter’s Interface. It highlights unread tweets with Yellow background color and unread mentions with Light Blue, previews “In reply to somebody” in a tooltip.

It also shows unread tweet count in the title as you can see in the above image.

Other features include:-

  • bit.ly Address Resolution Preview
  • Twitpic image preview support
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page automatically loads the page content.
  • Autoupdates your timeline

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10. @troynt’s Twitter Script

@troynt Twitter Script

Another great Greasemonkey Script. It adds Nested Replies, Custom Search Tabs, @ Username Autocomplete, Pagination etc.

If you tweet any media such as pictures from twitpic or videos from Youtube, it embeds it with the tweet. Plus it has URL Expansion feature too. So if you install this script, there won’t be any need to install LongURL script.

All of the Features:-

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11. MonkeyFly

monkeyflyMonkeyFly adds some cool features to Twitter like Keyboard Shortcuts, Easy Photo Upload to Twitpit directly from the homepage, ability to reply to a tweet on the same page, URL shortener and much More:-

Monkeyfly keyboard shortcutsWhen you you click the @ symbol in the Twitter input field, it shows the latest and most commonly contacted twitters’ IDs.

The best feature which I liked ClickTracker: MonkeyFly keeps track of all the links you have submitted via the URL Shortener button. This convenient list includes the original site and the number of clicks through, as calculated by bit.ly.

So its a good script for bloggers and webmasters 🙂

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This list ends here. If you know about any other Greasenonkey script for Twitter then tell us about it by leaving a comment 🙂