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Tech Recap of the Day: February 18, 2014

February 18th, 2014 by

Everyday news breaks left right and center in the world of technology. It is pretty much impossible to capture all these stories and bring a detailed report. And not bring this news to our readers feels unfair.

Just as a disclaimer, we would not be divulging into details of the story and just give a brief outline of what the story was all about. So without any further adieu lets begin on what caught our attention on what has been a rather slow day in terms of news pouring in of February 18th, 2014.

HTC announces ‘HTC Advantage’: Will replace broken screens for free on it’s flagship devices

HTC Advantage

HTC unveiled a programme called the ‘HTC Advantage’ where HTC has promised that it will replace cracked screens of the devices under the One series for absolute free as long as the device is under warranty and it is within 6 months of purchase. Not just this, HTC has also confirmed that it will continue to support the flagship devices for at least 2 years with updates and promised to deliver these updates bang on time and set an industrial benchmark. The current advantage plan is for the US only, but it is expected to be rolled out globally.

Sony Xperia Z2 Leaks out in a detailed Video

Xperia Z21

Sony has been working on the successor to it’s Xperia Z1 and it has been codenamed Sirius. The device has been leaked out several times in pictures but for the first time a detailed video of the device has been leaked. The phone features the same 20.1 MP rear camera and has a few software enhancements too. There is Kitkat onboard too and a few minor changes in terms of placement of hardware components like the Camera Shutter being slightly bigger.

Jonny Ive’s Profile Removed and then added again on Apple’s Official Website

Jonny Ive - Profile

It was a moment of panic for several Apple fanatics of the world as a technical glitch saw the name of Jonny Ive, the design genius behind the brand, disappear for a while from under the leadership team of Apple. There was no reason given officially by Apple and a few hours post all the confusion, the name magically reappeared. We can only assume it was a technical issue and there is no bigger story cooking behind the scenes.

Aakash 4 Tablet to cost Rs. 3,999

Akash tablet

Aakash, a unique tablet programme run by the government of India has been a failure of enormous proposition so far. However, looks like it is not going to be going anywhere for a while as Kapil Sibal, the telecom minister announced that the fourth variant of the low cost tablet called the Aakash 4 will be available starting Rs. 3,999. The tablet features a 7 inch display and 4 GB of internal space. It is expected to go on sale within the next month and a half.

Samsung Announces the Note III Neo in India for Rs. 40,999


In a news that was hard to digest, Samsung has decided to price the Note III Neo for Rs. 40,999 in the Indian market. The device, a knock down version of the original Note III comes with a 5.5 inch 720P HD display with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. The phone features the S-Pen and all the other applications that make the Note III a standout device. But with the Note III available for around Rs. 45, 000, it is indeed strange pricing strategy from Samsung.

HTC Releases Kitkat 4.4 for HTC One Max, One Dual Sim & Mini in India

HTC One updates

HTC has been fantastic when it comes to rolling out timely updates to it’s devices. The trend has continued as the company today started rolling out the Kitkat update for all the variants of the HTC One in India. The update is available Over the Air, so you just need to connect your device to a Wi-Fi and wait for the notification. The update to the single Sim verison of HTC One was already released a week ago. These updates are released in batches, so if you have not received the update right now, do not panic, it is definitely on it’s way.

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