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Google Now Launcher now Officially Available on Google Play Store

February 27th, 2014 by

Google Now Launcher was one of the differentiating factors between the recent Google flagship device, the Nexus and other Android smartphones. Although it was possible to load the launcher via apk, thanks to the open nature of Android, the launcher was not officially available for any device but Nexus 5. However, in an update last month to Google Search, Google had gone ahead and renamed the launcher fueling fire that maybe the launcher would be available as a standalone application.

Google NowAnd that is exactly, what has happened as Google Now Launcher has now expanded it’s horizon to all the Nexus devices and all the Google Play Devices. It may be argued that Nexus devices and Google Play devices make up a small market share of all the Android devices out there, but it is at least a start and step in the right direction.

Play Store: Download Google Now Launcher for all Nexus and GPE devices here

With the Google Now launcher, accessing Google Now is incredible easy, and all you need to do is to swipe to the left from your the first page of the launcher. bringing the launcher officially on the Play Store will also enable Google to bring more features to the launcher without having to release a standalone OS update.

Google Now 3Not just this, we have seen Google Now Launcher run super smoothly on devices which run ICS 4.0 or above, so maybe a bit more device expansion can be done by Android in the near future. The Launcher for now though is only available for devices running Android KitKat 4.4.

Some of the key Features of Google Play Launcher include larger icons, ability to quickly access Google Now, the Ok Google Voice recognition feature for Voice search, quick search via the field box etc.

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