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Entire Gallery of All New HTC One Appears Online giving Detailed Hardware Information

March 11th, 2014 by

The All New HTC One is now two weeks away from an official launch that is to be held in London and New York. The much anticipated Android phone though, has been a victim of modern curious technology and has already seen itself leak out more often than pants of an infant. From benchmark scores, to closeup shots to the new on screen keys, we have seen the All New HTC One up, close and personal without the device even officially launching, thanks to the internet.

And, if you are a person who likes things more in detail, then, a very intuitive gallery of the device has now been leaked online which pretty much covers the device from the head molecule to the toe atom. have picked up and published images of the device which supposedly appeared on the famous Chinese Social Networking site called Weibo. Let’s see what can we make out more from these images that we did not know about the HTC M8.


A real close look at the dual camera placement of the HTC M8, although does not still answer the need for two cameras, it gives away a feature that not many seem to have picked up. The device would be bringing an iPhone 5s like dual tone LED Flashlight for a more balanced flash photography in low light. We have seen in the past HTC has focused on low light photography with their ultrapixel experiment in HTC One, and looks like that trend is all set to continue with the M8. And maybe, low light photography has something to do with the dual camera. It is also clear to see that the camera module on top is much smaller as compared to the main unit and the noise cancellation secondary microphone will continue to live pretty much at the same spot on the M8 as we had seen on the M7. You have very similar white contoured lines behind the device like the HTC M7 which at a guess are for the signal reception and other radio signals to catch up.

HTC-One-2014-CM002The bottom of the device, just like the top gives an indication that the new device would be bit more rounded than the HTC One. We are not entirely sure if we like this design above the more rectangular slab look of the M7, but you have to believe that maybe this is done to make the device more ergonomic to hold on to, though we do wonder, how huge a hand you must have to hold this one in one hand.



The top of the phone reveals the boomsound speakers very similar to the HTC One. We like that HTC has gone with these as hands down the HTC One is the best smartphone in the world when it comes to clear and loud sound output. It is also worth noting that the ambient snsor on the device as compared to the HTC One has been placed differently. You have a single big sensor as compared to a two part one that we had on the HTC One. On the right flank of the device, you see a volume rocker and from the outset, you see the rocker is reasonably protruding out giving an indication that the tactile feedback on these will be pretty damn good. All that being said, speculating about the feedback just based on an image would be a bit daft to do right now, so its best to wait till the device comes out, though no doubt the impressions look good.

HTC-One-2014-CM007 HTC-One-2014-CM006

The left flange of the device looks like to have a slot for the Micro SD. It is interesting to see that the slot has a tiny hole, making us believe that you may have to insert the SIM ejector tool to pull out the Micro SD which is kind of a strange choice. On the right side of the device, you have what looks like the SIM tray, and Volume rockers which are just exactly how they were on the HTC One.

HTC-One-2014-CM0013The device as compared to the HTC One max shows that the 3.5 mm audio jack will be at the bottom of the device instead of top. The Micro USB port of the device too lies at the bottom of the device right next to the 3.5 mm audio jack.

HTC-One-2014-CM0010When put side by side of an HTC One Max you can see the device is smaller as compared to the jumbo sized giant that the One Max is. However, the device is considerably larger than the HTC One and slated to come with a 5 inch display. Also, worth noticing is there are no hardware capacitive button on the front bezel as it has been well documented that the M8 will be moving to on screen keys.


Obviously, just like any leaked content, we are not entirely sure about the authenticity of the leaks. But, given the consistency of similar leaks, we do feel it was worth second guessing the hardware of the device. However, the real picture would only be painted on the 25th when the device officially rolls out. But yes, without being judgmental, we definitely like what we see on the HTC M8 from the leaks at least.

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