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How to Download All your Google E-Mails and Calender Entries to your PC

March 12th, 2014 by

Essentially all the communication in our professional world happens over E-Mails today. Our days are planned on Calenders and most of us end up using these two services most extensively from Google. Given seamless integration of them between web and mobile clients, we are more than happy to let Google have all the records of our professional and personal lives. But, at times it becomes important to keep a local record of E-Mail and Calender entries. Doing this a while ago was a strenuous task, however, Google has made things really simple now.

wpid-gmail-bannerIf you are looking to download all your E-Mails from Gmail, Calenders or even Contacts that you may have saved on Google’s Cloud servers, then simply follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Gmail- Download2Log into your Google Account.

Step 2:

Gmail- DownloadOnce you have logged into your Gmail account, you would want to go this place. This is the takeout page of Google from where you will be able to extract all the information you wish to that has been ever stored on the Google Cloud services.

Step 3:

Gmail- Download1After you have landed at the page, go ahead and click on Create and Archive. This will take to the next page where you can simply select the content of your .zip file. You can also uncheck the stuff you may not want, for example things like Bookmarks, Orkut Archive or Messenger History. You can also change the archive format from .zip to .tgz or .tbz. as well.

Step 4:

Once you are done with selecting all that you want to download and the format, go ahead and click on Create Archive. The download will begin and in case the data is more than 2 GB it would be split in multiple .zip files which can be later combined.

Once you have the .zip files downloaded, you will have to extract them and you can use a program like simple notepad or any other txt reader to read your E-Mail files which are saved in the MBOX format. You can also use an E-Mail client such as Thunderbird to import the mails.

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