10 Cool Themes for Windows 7 you Might haven’t Seen

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Its been a while since the Windows 7 Section of this blog was updated, not that we had forgotten about it but the Gadget and Social World kept us busy. This time we are back with some interesting and themes for your Windows 7.

All of these themes are new and most of them have recently been released. They all will look amazing on your desktop, have a look over them and do tell us which one did you like the most:

Oh, before you start, Windows 7 does not allow 3rd party themes to be installed on the PC by default. But this can be solved easily by Universal Theme Patcher:

After it’s downloaded, install it and run it. Select your language. Hit OK.

It’ll detect your OS and condition of system files which need to be patched. Confirm the information by pressing Yes.

Hit the Patch button for each of the files. You’re done. Restart your PC and start playing with themes 😉

1. Luna

Luna - Windows 7 Theme

2. Mac 7


Download:  More Info | Download this Theme (Updated Link)

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3. Caesar mod

Caesar mod - windows 7 theme

4. Auxo for Summer

Auxo for Summer - Windows 7 Theme

5. Oxygen

oxygen - Windows 7 Theme

6. Victorian Aero

7. Nuala7 win7 VS

Naula7 theme for Windows 7

8. Leopard Dark

Leopard Dark theme for Windows 7

There’s an update also available for this theme which improves many features but you will have to download it separately from here.

9. Rec

Rec theme for Windows 7

10. Windows 7 Ubuntu Theme

ubuntu theme for Windows 7

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  1. roberto says

    Please note, the supposed Realistic Mac OS X is just a matter of JPG files and one demo. It´s impossible to install something in your computer. Too bad … :(

  2. Photo Recovery says

    I’m using window 7 but yet I have not see these beautiful themes especially auxo for summer is looking amazing. I hope this will work properly on my pc.

  3. nikhil says

    so,how to uninstall these themes..

    when i go to pesonalization menu and opt for another win-7 default theme..
    the icons ,start-button and some files sort of not changing..

  4. says

    nice themes, then again i cannot download this becoz i need a new computer…. D: man i just hope i get the new comp fast imma dying to try these themes….. all of them look sick as hell and i like the dark mac especially!!!

  5. Rahrid says

    I followed all the instructions in the ubuntu theme i downloaded. But when i wanted to place your explorer file in the windows folder, one was aready there, so i copied it there, making it two explorer files there.

    I copied the linux ubuntu sounds folder as a whole to the media folder of windows, as you instructed. So, how can i activate this theme to be the current theme on my computer? I right clicked my desktop and chose personalize to check out my themes but i didn’t find the ubuntu there. How can i activate it. Thanks.

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