3+ Handy Applications for taking Screenshots in Android

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android screenshot

Taking screenshots in Android is pain. Although, most of the phones are capable of taking screenshots, manufacturers mostly do not care to enable it out of the box.

However, there are third party several screenshot apps for android that make this job easier. A simple search on the Play Store will yield various apps, but most of them are either useless or they don’t work as advertised.

In this post, I’ll be featuring 3 of the best you’ll find for this task.

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Without Rooting Your Phone

1. Screenshot It! (No Root Required)

android take screenshot without root

Screenshot It is an awesome app for taking screenshots of your phone’s screen without rooting your phone! It works as advertised and has a has two different methods for taking screenshots:

  • By choosing the Take Screenshot button. A delay of 5 seconds will be added.
  • By using an overlay icon that stays always on-top of screen. Whenever you wish to take a screenshot – tap it and a snapshot will be saved.

After taking a screenshot, you can even crop the photo, edit it or share it using other apps. However, the crop option did not work on my Galaxy S II, which I guess is more of a ROM problem.

The price is quite high but considering the fact that this is the only app on the market which can take screenshots in android without root.

Play Store: Screenshot It! ($4.99)

For Rooted Phones

2. Screenshot ER [Free]


Screenshot ER is the best app with a clean interface to capture screenshots. Unlike, Screenshot it!, this app requires your phone to be rooted. The app has several customizable options such as capture delay, shake to capture and few more. There are two ways of taking screenshots –

1) By starting its service – it’ll run in background and wait for you to trigger a method to take a screenshot.

2) Capture button – as soon as you press the capture button, the app will start an on-screen timer and will take a screenshot when it reaches zero.

The free version simply restricts all screen-capture delays to 6 seconds.

Play Store: Screenshot ER (Root required) – Free | Paid 

Free Paid ($2.99)

3. Screenshot UX


Screenshot UX is another great application for taking screenshots on Android. As you might have already guessed, it does require your phone to be rooted except for few phones:

  • Gallaxy series (S,S2,…)
  • HTC phones (Sensation, …)
  • Motorola (Atrix, …).
  • LG Optimus series (G2X, …)

Similar to Screenshot ER, this app also has few customizable options like shake to capture and more.

Play Store: Screenshot UX (free)

Other Applications

I’ve tested all the three apps listed above and I believe at-least one of them should work for you. If you still experience any problem, here two more free apps that you can check out:

Use your Phone’s Inbuilt feature to take Screenshots

Some phones like Samsung Galaxy S II come pre-loaded with a feature to take screenshots without any app or rooting required. For SGS II, its Home+Lock button. Search the web about your phone and you might get a tip to do the same with your phone.

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  1. Michael says

    I can’t believe there isn’t a simple app to capture a screenshot. Why didn’t anyone include this in basic app? Not interested in altering device to root it.

    • Saket says

      Well Michael, some phones manufacturers like Samsung or HTC provide a simple way to take snapshots by pressing a combination of keys, and that too without rooting it.

      Like in my Galaxy S II, I simply have to press Home+Lock buttons. Which phone do you’ve?

    • Saket says

      Could you please be more specific about the phone? I can’t find if there’s a phone named Galaxy 1. Are you talking about the original Galaxy S?

        • Saket says

          Yes, your phone needs to be rooted for taking screenshots through a 3rd party ap. Also, by doing the same, you’ll open a whole new world of possibilities, trust me. Here’s a tutorial fo runlocking Galaxy S in one click

          And if you don’t wish to root your GS, then simply press the Back button in right bottom and hold it. While holding Back button now press Home button in the middle. You’ll hear a capture tone. You’re done! Did it work for you?

    • Saket says

      It didn’t work? Strange.

      And no, there’s no harm in rooting your phone. You can always un-root your phone. You’ll also get a better battery life

  2. Michael Lella says

    I have an HTC EVO 4G and I cannot even root my phone from a usb or on the phone.
    Screenshot it even advertised that you don’t have to root your phone.
    If anyone has a solution to this problem the information would be appropriated.

  3. Ray says

    I have an Optimus Black and i was messing around with the buttons. I have no apps installed. I just pressed the lock button and home button at the same time like the iphone and it took a screenshot without any app or root.

  4. jackie says

    I’m scared to root my tmoblie sidekick 4g but I want to take screenshots. Nd all the apps say my phone needs to be rooted. But I try to follow instructions on how to root, nd they are all jux to complicated.! D:

  5. sfknz says

    Curious. Im using the new samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket. Screen capture works great. But it always comes out black when im taking a screenshot of a video playing. Anyone have anytips or fixes for this. Cant seem to find the answers anywhere on google.

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