10 Greasemonkey Scripts to Enhance your Reddit Experience

Reddit is one of the biggest social link-site and since recent times, it has become one of my favorite site to spend my past time. Browsing through different categories related to Gadgets, Web Apps is fun but sometimes I feel it needs a little makeover.

In this post, I am listing 10 greasemonkey scripts which add more functionalities to Reddit, ranging from small to big, yet all useful.

1. Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is an All-in-One Collection of important scripts to enhance your browsing experience – each of which is configurable. You can enable/disable any of the modules, and most of them have their own options that can also be personalized.

Its include features such as:

  • A Configuration Console
  • Inline Image Viewer – Adds a “view images” button to load all images right on the page
  • Allows navigation of reddit using your keyboard – including user configurable key assignments.
  • Seamlessly switch between Reddit accounts with the click of a button!
  • Never Ending Reddit –  automatically loads the next page of links when you scroll to the bottom…
  • Ability to Save your favorite Comments
  • Exposes the number of upvotes and downvotes on comments
  • Show parent comment when you hover on a child comment
  • Live Comment Preview
  • User Highlighter for – Submitter, Admin, Friends and Mods
  • Show Comment Karma next to your link karma
  • Hide All Child Comments

Install This Script

I would recommend you to install this script, so you won’t have to install many of the other scripts listed below because they are already included in this Suite. If you don’t want them all, you can download only those you like:

2. Show Imgur Images Button

Reddit Greasemonkey Script - Show Imgur Images ButtonThis script adds a “view images” button to show all the imgur links have their images displayed in both comments page and topics page.

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3. Filter Plus

Reddit Greasemonkey Script - Reddit Filter Plus

Filter Plus adds an option to Hide or highlight links by user, title, url or subreddit. Preferences for this script can be found on the regular reddit preferences page. Highlight colors may be entered as HTML colors (#123456) or with simple names (white, blue etc).

Install This Script

4. Uppers and Downers Enhanced

Reddit Greasemonkey Script - Uppers and Downers Enhanced

This script show up-votes and down-votes next to the total score on reddit comments in all user pages instead of the default votes which is rarely visible.

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5. Style Reddit Comments?

augmented reality apps for iphone

Style Reddit Comments puts each comment in a box with shadows. It makes it easier to find out where you are in a thread.

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6. Backbars

Reddit Greasemonkey Script - Backbars

Backbars turns the headlines and comments into ambient bar-charts. The length of bars depend upon votes, number of comments, and on a comment’s votes. The idea behind this script is to provide subtle non-verbal clues about the popularity of a topic. So you can now, without even having to read the no. of votes, see how popular a topic is.

It doesn’t work only for Reddit, but it also works for other social link-sites like Digg, Hackernews, Delicious etc.

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7. Highlight number of new comments

Reddit Greasemonkey Script - Highlight number of new comments

A simple greasemonkey script that displays how many new comments a submission has received since you last viewed them, as you can see in the screenshot.

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8. Reddit Reveal

Reddit Greasemonkey Script - Reddit Reveal

This script reveals you the following info:

  • Shows up/down votes for comments
  • Shows user account age in days
  • Show mark down source for comments and self-posts
  • Shows vote score for new posts

Install This Script

9. Static Header

Reddit Greasemonkey Script - Static Header

It Makes the Reddit Header static, allowing it to be visible at all times. Also moves ‘My Reddits’ to a header tab and prevents tabs from being obscured by the username/preferences/logout area when the window size is small. Adds ‘rising’ tab next to the ‘new’ tab. Moreover, it also Adds user tab menu containing user page tab links: overview, comments, submitted, liked, disliked, hidden.

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10. Magic Reddit Bar

Magic Reddit Bar adds more than 1 line of subreddits in the top bar when you hover your mouse over it. The idea for this script goes to zobier

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If you know about any other cool script for reddit, let me know about it and I’ll add it in this list 🙂

These scripts are compatible for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Credits for this post: Userscript, ELZR, HonestBleeps