[Winners Announced] Twilk Premium Accounts Give Away

I had made a post on How to Add Profile Pictures of your Twitter Followers on your Background using Twilk few days back. It is a Twitter web application that uses your followers’ faces to make an awesome Twitter background.

We’ve got a great news for those who loved Twilk and wanted to have a premium account. We are giving away 5 premium accounts for free!


Features of Premium Account

In the free version of Twilk, you need to login every time you wish to add more faces of your followers’ to your background. But in the premium version, you don’t need to do it. Detailed features:

  • No Twilk Ad: In free version, a Twilk logo is placed on the upper left. But in Premium version, it won’t show up on your background.
  • Daily Auto-Updates: This is the best feature in my view. You won’t have to visit Twilk regularly to update your background with new followers. Twilk will do it automatically for you, saving your time. With the free version, you must come back to Twilk.com to update your background. Overall, everything will be automated, you only need to login just once.
  • Exclude People: if you don’t want competitors showing up, you can exclude them.
  • Feature People: to show how much they mean to you, you can show more focus their faces.
  • Upload Custom Logo: You can add your site’s logo to have your background stand out and look more professional.

What do you need to do?

  1. Retweet this post and comment here with your username.
  2. (Optional) Subscribe to our feeds using this link. This will raise your chances of winning to twice. But we won’t force you 🙂

Thats it! 5 min of simple work and you can get this awesome service for free.

Premium Accounts will be given to 5 people on a random basis and Winners will be announced on 18th September.

Update: This contest has ended. About 20+ people participated directly or indirectly and we have 5 lucky winners among the 13 approved entries  –

  1. @coke_baby
  2. @bhardwajme
  3. @sonasathish
  4. @TechRockz
  5. @LaserWraith

Congratulations to you all. We’ve sent you a mail/DM regarding information about the Premium Accounts. Please check it.

For those who didn’t get a chance to win, don’t be sad because we will be coming up with bigger giveaways in the future. 🙂

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