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Sync your Favorite Photos to Cloud Storage with DropGallery

October 14th, 2010 by

A Picture is worth a thousand words – this phrase refers to the idea that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. If you like taking or collecting photographs, of anything, its sure you won’t want to lose them due to any hard drive failure or stolen/lost computer equipment. So why not create a backup of it to cloud storage?

DropGallery is a small application which syncs your photos by simply using Drag n Drop to the web into your personal Online Gallery that you can view anytime or share with your friends.

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The whole process using Dropgallery is very simple:

1. Download DropGallery using this link and install it in your PC.

2. Open the application. You will be prompted to Log-in. Click on “I am new” button and fill out the fields and hit Create button. Then Login using your Username and password. (You can also create Albums after logging) dropgallery 3. A drop window will appear on the lower right (you can move it). Just drag the photos you wish to sync online and drop in that window which will glow green. As soon as the photos are sync-ed, you will get a notification in your taskbar.

You can view your photos by clicking on the “Online Gallery” or directly visiting the site. You can save your photos from there later on.

If you close the window, you can get it back by Double-clicking on its taskbar icon. You can change the dropgallery folder from the options window (Right-Click on the taskbar icon and choose Options). Also, by default it is set to Move photos to DropGallery. You can change it to Copy there.

As a free user, your account is limited to 2GB of storage. You can extend it by buying a premium account, starting at just $4.99/mo, where you also get an option to download your entire collection as a compressed folder for which you have to pay $20 as a free user.

See full info – Pricing

However it lacks some features such as a progress bar. Hope the guys behind this project add it in future update. Oh yes, an Android, iPhone and Mac edition is also on its way 🙂

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